Rough sleepers under SGR rail bridge



  • Islington do not own the house in question. None of the people I know in Moray Rd, and I know quite a few, live in council properties.
    Some are housing association - Circle 33 was founded here. My landlady has had our house and a couple of others since the 1960s, my immediate neighbours have lived in theirs since the 70s. How does one find out which are owned by the council?
  • Don't forget the Charteris Tenants Neighbourhood Cooperative, Miss Annie. They are council tenants, but are given an allowance to manage their own affairs, eg minor housing repairs. Mainly in Charteris Road, but some properties in Moray, and under the bridge, near MAH Bros. I was a member for 30 years, but have moved to a charity for older single gentlemen. From Charteris to Charterhouse - a bigger change than it might sound! And I miss the old place... change is never easy, is it?
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    @miss annie The land registry is a easiest way to do it. The title will be held by the Burgers of the London Borough Of Islington or similar wording. Whisper me the number and I'll be happy to check. I never understood just how much of Moray road was at one time run by CTNO - but the council definitely owned all of Charteris Road at one point, so I suspect they also had the part of Moray road on the east side of Fonthill Road.
  • I have many years experience working in homeless services. There is provision for all of London's rough sleepers. As stated before this doesn't mean they are nice places or serve non conformists. Unfortunately feeding or funding beggers does not help the overall situation.

    I am amazed that the council's/ police have not acted.
  • Passed by at 01.30 this morning. As others have reported - the begging 'pitches' (for want of a better term) were empty. Earlier this evening, some of the usual suspects moving detritus across the street to the Haringey side. Is something afoot?
  • @ Marko.
    Your definition of the Safer Neighborhood Team is correct in which they are a proper police team, with proper powers. Years ago they were instrumental in closing down a drug den on the Ringmer Estate.
  • Giving this team a separate identity is confusing (surely not only to me?). I thought they were community support staffed by PCSOs rather than actual police officers until this thread, their website is not very clear. I would never have called them for anything.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    There are now four beds. If it is true that they are set up not for sleeping but for begging, I would like to do something about it. Who can we ask that will know what to do?
  • Reply from safer neighbourhoods team to my query: Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the beggars, and I'm pleased to advise you that action is being taken to remove them from the location very soon. Please keep in touch if you have any other concerns that you would like to share with us. Best Regards, George TSENDIS PCSO 7128 NI | Dedicated Ward Officer | Finsbury Park Neighbourhood Policing Team New Safer Neighbourhood Base - Holloway Fire Station, Ground Floor | 262 - 268 Hornsey Road | London | N7 7QT Follow us on Twitter @MPSInslington | Email: Finsbury Park Website: Finsbury Park Ward Tel. 0203 276 3030
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    Nice work, dr jones!
  • According to Twitter the council and police are moving them on and taking away all their stuff as we speak...
  • Thanks for letting us know - could you send a link to this?
  • I very much hope that in the interests of balanced, unbiased reporting someone sends them a link to this thread. Not everyone thinks it's heartbreaking.
  • The PR team that run that geezers twitter campaign obviously believe it's the right thing to think.
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    The begging pitches might be gone, but beggars were definitely back just now. The only one that looked like a regular was the man holding a 'political protest' against bullying. He told me the other night he lives locally, and disapproved of the mess left behind by others under the bridges. Nevertheless, he was begging this evening. I assume the Police issued dispersal notices to those they dealt with today and then promptly removed everything that wasn't carried away there and then.
  • Very interesting article. The situation was dealt with quite well. I am glad to see that someone managed to solve the issue (temporarily maybe) but it is much more secure now.
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    They're back.
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  • As of today, nearly back where we were over Christmas. Several bedrooms. In other news, I emailed my local councillors (Finsbury Park Ward) last Sunday about this and none of the three have yet replied. Guess they won't be getting my vote next time.
  • Try the council emails I posted on the 'Drivers barging through one-way system' thread.
  • One of the bedrooms is Haringey side - no idea who you'd email there.
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  • I have finally had a response from my local councillors about this. I am told that Haringey claim that the problem on their side of the road is fixed (it is not), so it seems a lot of buck-passing is going on here. On the Islington side, the problem is as bad as ever. Got contact details of various service managers for those wishing to complain. PM me for details.
  • So i raised it with Islington as part of the whole bridge/drivers/nightmare situation - here's the response (posted on the other thread too) Dear Helen I’m sorry to learn of these issues beneath the railway bridge in Stroud Green Road. The one way system has been imposed to allow overhead access to the station improvement works by TfL’s contractors. I’m asking our teams to ensure that all of the appropriate signs and barriers have been put in place and I’m asking our Road Safety team to review the arrangements and to alert the Police to the infringements. We are looking into the feasibilty and cost of CCTV surveillance and the processes for enforcement. At the same time I’m asking our Public Protection Director to pass on your concerns about rough sleepers to the appropriate team. Martin Martin Holland Head of Highways and Energy Public Realm Islington 07825098304 PO Box 2025 PERSHORE WR10 9BU
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