Southport Weekender Festival - 10th June Finsbury Park

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I'm a big fan of Southport Weekender and will probably go to this - It does seem like Finsbury Park is getting used a lot more now than ever for dance music festivals.


  • I hope you enjoy it. I know there are downsides to having the park used for events but when the Stone Roses played it felt kind of special watching a great gig in our own back yard
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    What do they do with the proceeds. What benefit do we get after the park has been fenced off, littered and grass abused?
  • It's covered on their website: I think there are outstanding questions regarding whether they get the best deal possible for use of the park, and whether there ought to be a cap on the number of festivals in order to safeguard the primary use of the park as an amenity for local residents. But as in all things it's a question of judgment and balance.
  • Tricky one this but I did enjoy Bod Dylan and The Arctic Monkeys in the park. Very memorable. It does need to be managed very, very, very carefully though and I don't think Haringey have got it right otherwise they wouldn't have so seriously upset the locals. Policing needs to be substantial and that costs money which should come from the ticket sales. Damage to the park needs to minimal as well. It would be interesting to know what proceeds come from the park event and how much is invested back in the park.
  • Bod Dylan suits him. @Arkady will be pleased with the renaming.
  • Rock and a hard place for Haringey.

    Bob Dylan = Yay! How luvverly.

    Boy Better Know = Boo! Disgusting use of the facilities.
  • Ha, maybe that's the answer. Hand over management of the bookings to
  • Only three-month Dylan residencies allowed.
  • Reading the website it looks like all the funds are put back into the park. But that just reduces the burden on the council budget for other uses, Guess they are under massive pressure to balance the books. Can't blame them for looking for revenue. Its a bit tricky though as they do upset Hackney and Islington Council residents who don't see as much benefit from the revenue. As for the gigs. Bob (d sorry) was very good. Arctics rocked. Gutted I missed RATM. Might make it along to the Southport Weekender as well. I think they cover most tastes - there is a fair amount of electronic music on in the park as well. Think Hospitality would have had some Grime featured? Think the thing with a big Grime event would be policing- as long as they get that right don't see the issues - same for any event. The thing is the policing has not always been right (thinking Wireless). The park is very good for music as it has a natural slope and there is a major transport hub next door so it would be shame to not make use of this it.
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    Is that residency for Bob or his better looking brother Bod?
  • I've seen Dylan a dozen times, and that gig in the park was the worst I've ever seen him (except maybe the Roundhouse in 2009). 2007-11 really was the nadir of his career. Great return to form since though.
  • I liked it but I have only seen him once. If that was at a low point, I imagine what he would be like now.
  • Like DJmattyoung, I'm a big fan of Southport and have been to quite a few of them over the c28 years it's been running. There has never been any Grime played and hopefully that will continue. Sorry, but for you Grime fans, Southport isn't about Grime, it's about excellent MOBO, covering soul, deep soulful house, funk, fusion, etc.
    What's more, in all my times at Southport, I have never seen trouble of any kind. It really is one of the warmest and friendliest parties I've ever attended. I accept policing of some kind will be needed as this is being set in Finsbury park, not a remote Pontins or Butlins site, however if the crowd and vibe remains true to the Southport spirit, any police will be sat around bored - or more likely enjoying the excellent grooves
  • Boomtown sounds similar to Southport although I've never been.

    So many names i recognise and also lots of the early pioneers of Jungle are playing such as Ray Keith so i don't know how much of a rave it is / ends up.

    I guess there's tents as well as the main stage for the likes of Cypress Hill.
  • No, Southport and Boomtown are very different. There's no Jungle played at Southport and pretty much no Reggae/Dub of any kind
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