The Alternative Article 50

Ok - so with Article 50 likely to be triggered, what amendments would you include to ensure that proper scrutiny to the negotiations and that THE PEOPLE are regularly informed of what the likely outcomes will be? Answers on an electronic postcard!


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    How about a total ban on media coverage and commentary, except for a fortnightly-style transfer window one day every two weeks when Brexit stuff can be reported?
  • In interests of democracy there should either be: a general election, so the government's final Brexit proposal is put to the electorate, or a 2nd referendum, laying out the various options. The 1st referendum (which lets not forget took place for narrow short-term political advantage for Cameron) was poorly worded, and did not specify for those who wished to leave EU on whether they wished to remain in single market or not.
  • Like your approach N19. I would also suggest regular updates to Parliament which would be published and debated on - like Papa L's approach if only to minimise the depression! I see that the doom mongers are still trying to out do each other with even more negative rhetoric on the original Article50 discussion!
  • Lucy Worsley is in fine form with her new series on BBC4 (that well known channel for the liberal metropolitan elite!) with best fibs in British History - my guess is that the 2nd series will include the Theresa the Appeaser claiming that 'clean brexit'will be our new glorious re-birth or was that Gove the spineless?
  • I assume you will all know about this but just in case Get out there on the 25th March!
  • Indeed - revolution of the chattering classes!
  • Interesting article on demographics and Brexit voting. In effect, the 3 main factors that influenced how you voted was level of education, age and ethnicity. Nothing too surprising Though the line from one leader of the Leave campaign was truly hilarious - that the better educated are more prone to irrational political opinions because they are driven by fashion and group mentality! Remainders like me must be part sheep! Talk about kettles and pots...
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