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UPDATE 07/02/17 15:12 It seems that new registrations are broken too - but users should be able to log in with their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts until such time as I get that fixed. ... UPDATE 06/02/17 14:30 OK you may find that comments that you make stay as a draft and don't appear to have been posted until you refresh. PLEASE JUST CLICK SEND ONCE (OR IT WILL CREATE A DUPLICATE POST), THEN RETURN TO THE HOME PAGE OR REFRESH. Working on a fix. ... 03/02/16 IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. The site outage a few months back was caused by a server upgrade that broke the forum software. Former elder-statesman David kindly provided a fix, but most of the plugins broke in the process. We're running Vanilla 2.2.1, and Vanilla 2.3 came out in November. At some point in the next few days I'm going to have a crack at updating it. Then I'll be able to add back some plugins such as HTML formatting. You never know, we might end up with a new theme as well, just after you all got used to this one. The upgrade may break things for a while. I'm probably going to be doing it myself, which makes that even more likely. Don't panic. Ben/Arkady


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