Drivers barging through one-way system under bridge



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    thanks @missannie when i get a moment this week I will start the inundation by email...
  • OK...I've written to them all. Let's see (not holding my breath....) Content below if anyone wants to write as well... For many weeks i and other local residents have been trying to contact anyone who can help us resolve the dangerous road situation at the south end of Stroud Green Road between Wells Terrace and Station Place. The southbound traffic flow has been stopped since summer and yet increasingly and frequently drivers are ignoring the closure and driving south under the bridges. As they know they shouldn’t, they tend to do this at speed. The current works force all pedestrians onto the western pavement, which, with the closure of the Wells Terrace underground entrance, is extremely crowded. As a result, at busy times people walk on the bike lane and into the road, not thinking that drivers might be coming up behind them driving south - the chance of an accident are very very real and I and others have seen a number of close misses. At first i was led to believe that the works were on the Haringey side of the road, but after a number of weeks waiting for them to get back to me, I have now found out that the road is infact in Islington. I have a number of requests - 1. can there be some more stringent enforcement to prevent cars driving south? a camera or something that can actually fine them? until there is some very real penalty, i fear road closed signs will achieve nothing and an accident is inevitable 2. how much longer are the works going to continue? the original application was until December 2016…has it been extended and if so for how long? the closure in one direction of such an important road in the area does cause significant problems both for cars but also very significantly for pedestrians who are already having to work around the tube redevelopment. If the works were complete, the eastern (park-side) pavement would be reopened and the pedestrian situation would significantly ease 3. and associated to the pedestrian problems - there is now also significant problem with beggars and rough sleepers under the bridge, particularly on the western side (so they can be in the face of the thousands of pedestrians every day). I know there has been work to deal with this, but it is an ongoing issue - they clear away for a few days, then are back, then moved along, then are back.. There needs to be a more joined up approach to the works and disruption now going on in this part of Stroud Green Road as it is causing multiple issues as listed above, but by far the most pressing is the significant chance of a vehicle/pedestrian accident due to unsafe driving If you can let me know what Islington proposes as answers to the above issues I and the other local residents would be very appreciative
  • Brilliant. Outstanding, thanks Helen.

    Nothing in the Islington Gazette today. I'll forward this to the reporter who sent me an email about the issue last week. He is
  • thanks all. I do however feel it is a bit of a scream into the abyss currently...
  • You will get a reply of some kind. All of the email replies usually have the relevant department phone number in the signature too. It was James Guckian who eventually fixed my gate issue but the others chased and updated me on progress.
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    @miss annie Thanls for this. The gate has not been open for a long while now. It was horrible when it was open
  • It was. We'll see what happens when the proposed new block of council flats gets built on the grassy bit beside the gates - as per the diagram I posted on the Planning Applications thread.
  • Hi all - got this response from Islington so lets see what happens and if nothing/little, I'll pursue again... Dear Helen I’m sorry to learn of these issues beneath the railway bridge in Stroud Green Road. The one way system has been imposed to allow overhead access to the station improvement works by TfL’s contractors. I’m asking our teams to ensure that all of the appropriate signs and barriers have been put in place and I’m asking our Road Safety team to review the arrangements and to alert the Police to the infringements. We are looking into the feasibilty and cost of CCTV surveillance and the processes for enforcement. At the same time I’m asking our Public Protection Director to pass on your concerns about rough sleepers to the appropriate team. Martin Martin Holland Head of Highways and Energy Public Realm Islington 07825098304 PO Box 2025 PERSHORE WR10 9BU
  • Pointless for them to 'alert the police to infringements' since police have already said they won't do anything.
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    I didn't realise that would make a difference I thought everyone voted labour whatever.
  • Article in today's Islington Gazette, about all this, quoting Krappy. Well done, Mike.
  • @ checkski I went online but could not see the article. Can you please post a link?
  • Sorry,no - not clever enough to do links. Why not buy a copy from your newsagent?
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    Ok thanks. Actually sometimes the online version is not the full edition, so better to get the proper paper.
  • Oh good, Krappy strikes again. Thought it would be online. They asked for my video. How are they going to do a video in the dead tree version?
  • They'll use the sexiest screenshot.
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    I always knew it would come to this. I've become an 'angry local'.

    But glad to see the story & shout out to @samgelder of @islingtongztte for doing it.
  • Am sure you will drive them crazy...
  • I always knew it would come to this. I've become an 'angry local'.

    But glad to see the story & shout out to @samgelder of @islingtongztte for doing it.
  • "Concerned woman" is going on my cv
  • I've got a short video of a Land Rover going through. I got my phone out as I could see it loitering with intent. Alas, it's not great quality and the number plate isn't quite legible.
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    Every road closed sign has been knocked over and look like they might have been jumped up and down.

    Lots of cars going through the wrong way.

    Even a couple of police officers standing watching
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    In terms evenings there are cars parked on double yellow lines and right in the middle of the yellow box. This reduces the turning circle for the busses who habe to drive over the pavement. Clearly no enforcement whatsoever, where are the traffic wardens....
  • It's police officers Ali, whether they are female or not. *rolls eyes*
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    More crazy driving this evening. I'm going to shame registrations here, and include photos. With any luck some action will get taken by the Police. Driver #1 (W819 UGS) failed to pay attention to signs informing him that the road is closed. To be fair to him, he didn't barge through the one way section, Instead performing a 3-point turn just before the stop sign, hitting a scooter rider immediately behind whilst reversing. Judging from the rider's road position, he was waiting to drive illegally under the bridge. Thankfully the scooter driver wasn't injured but a large queue of traffic built up on both sides and at the exit from the bus station as driver #1 blocked the yellow box junction. After some time, the traffic clears, leaving drivers #2 (MK62 LVH), #3 (L160 UAJ), #4 (PF60 DZK) queued up southbound. All thee of them illegally drive the wrong way through the one-way section.
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