Rough sleepers under SGR rail bridge



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    I have written to Islington, too. It looks like the problem has reoccurred on the Islington side - I have not spotted anyone on the other side (correct me if I am wrong).
  • On walking home on Monday evening 2230 there was a hive of activity with the homeless people on Stroud Green Road. Not sure what was going on. It reminded my of the industrious homeless people in San Francisco and LA who very rarely sit around and seem to be busy doing stuff all the time. Out of interest is there any reason there are no homeless people under the bridge on Seven Sisters Road. I know there is a busy bus stop there and very diverse population. Am sure the kind people in the mosque next to the bridge would help with food donations etc.
  • Two rough sleepers both on new looking ipads this morning. I haven't got one of those!
  • One of the dwelllers is a well known local character and I have also seen her begging on the Piccadilly Line trains.The problem seems to be more on the Islington side and I have contacted both the council via the Contact form and the Finsbury Park Ward SNT. I cannot vouch for them as I am not in that ward and I have never dealt with them but I hope they respond.
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  • I see the situation is now nearly as bad as it was. Please keep complaining wherever you can.
  • Yep, I happened to be walking past the other day when one of them got up, walked down to their dealer in a car waiting in Fonthill rd, got in, picked up some drugs, and got out about 30 secs later. I only witnessed this because that happened to be the exact route I was taking.
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  • His book is really interesting - goes into a little more detail about where and when He's done quite a few TV interviews over the last few months too.
  • Today saw more Police action under the bridge. This time with a cleaning team from Haringey in tow to remove the pile of detritus that has gathered over the last month or so. Islington seems to doing better as well - whilst it's still a venue for begging, piles of rubbish are not collecting in quite the same way.
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    Intersting piece here about the connection between antisocial behaviour, begging, rough sleeping and the recent Spice zombie epidemic.

    Refers to Manchester, but we seem to have many of the same causes and visible symptoms locally - particularly the Police not begging particularly seriously.

    It's only a matter of time before we get our zombie apocalypse.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Where do people even buy Spice? It's not for sale in our neighbourhood, is it?
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    The same places they would get other illicit substances from. The users will be dealing small-time amongst themselves and some particularly exploitative dealer will form the next tier.
  • Just seen my neighbour sat under the Stroud green bridge. He has a home and is known for drug dealing. I am not sure if he is begging or dealing. The bridge area needs tidying up.
  • @missingchickenland: You might like to have discrete word with the Safer Neighborhood Team about this. Both are illegal, and begging is more than enough of a pretense for the Police to stop and search.
  • @marko the safer neighbourhood team know all about him and his dealing. They have arrested multiple times. They are finally moving him on by asking his landlord not to renew his lease. They say they lack manpower to do much else.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    On the upside we now have a very good clarinet player who I thoroughly enjoyed when passing.
  • The clarinet player seems to always be playing the 'Our Song' theme as I walk past, always makes me feel a bit melancholic. :(
  • Always playing Hello Dolly in the morning when I go past. I like to think he's chosen it especially for me.
  • He must have gone on the EU funded scheme to teach crackheads how to play woodwind instruments.

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  • The clarinet player is great! And tends to discourage vagrancy under the bridges.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I saw a vagrant type sat near him chilling out to the clarinet vibes. Maybe he's off drugs now as has been cleansed by the beautiful sounds.
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  • @ Gardener - Joe: I went past today for the first time in a while and I definitely noticed an increase too, at least on the opposite side to Rowans (Islington?).
  • This is very noticeable. It’s shaming all round - this part of town is becoming like a back street slum in some low-rent third world capital.

    I dont understand why these people hang out here in wet and filthy conditions, instead of taking up a place in a hostel, homeless shelter, even a park. I suspect it is the presence of thousands of generous passers-by, the complete lack of concern by any authorities, and the ready availability of drugs.
  • Saw Police there yesterday talking to the newly arrived couple in the double bedroom under the bridge. Others are habitual rough-sleepers, often to be seen - when not begging - unconscious in uncomfortable poses as waves of commuters pass on their way to or from the station. Has the Spice epidemic finally reached London?
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  • I witnessed the couple with the double bed packing it away into a shopping trolley and wheeling it away at about 10.30pm yesterday evening. They were back by this afternoon as I passed by. Wonder which store's trolley it is?
  • Makes you wonder if they have a doss house in the area and come down to under the bridge in the day to get a few coins.
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