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Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their mail deliveries? I've had several pieces of important mail not reach me this year. I also sometimes receive mail for houses nearby or on completely different roads. I've complained to Royal Mail several times but it doesn't improve and they are getting ever less helpful. Another local told me yesterday she's had problems for years. Is it a systemic Stroud Green issue?


  • Just heard from 38degrees the the Post Office at Finsbury Park may be closed as they want to sell the building. Is future of the one SGR okay as I had heard not ?
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    @ Ali

    I too got the email from 38 Degrees about the FP Post Office.
    They are also planning to close the one on Green Lanes corner of Warham Road.
    Haven't heard anything about the one on Stroud Green Road.
    I think that both serve a large community and out to be safeguarded.
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    I don't think you can stop it now it is a private company, this was obviously the plan all along.

    They've built hundreds of properties on the Islington site.
  • Not really missed any post.
    But occasionally get another house or streets letter mixed in with ours.
    Its no problem to walk a couple of minutes away and hand it to the right people, though.
  • @joust yes it's no problem to walk and hand it to the right people, but not everyone is as thoughtful as you or i or @Luirette . and fundamentally it *is* a problem that it happens at all, and it shouldn't be accepted as just a mild inconvenience! especially considering the price of postage.
  • Yep, once I found an amazon parcel for number 205 abandoned on my staircase (my number is 280! how do you even get 205 mixed with 280?). If it wasn't for me, that poor woman would still be trying to get her money back from Amazon, which of course insisted the parcel was delivered.
  • That's Yodel, Royal Mail don't deliver for Amazon.

    Postage in the UK is an absolute bargain compared to the US and some European countries.
  • Occasionally the Royal Mail dude delivers some Amazon stuff. Just not the Prime/next days stuff.
  • Royal Mail and Post Office Counters are two very different beats - the former being privatised, and the latter running most of the usually dismal Crown Post Offices with the worst customer service and offering franchises for the usually much better independent post-offices branches in other shops, like the one on SGR.
  • My building always had problems with post delivery - we'd either get next door's post, or the postie would get the numbers mixed up, and we'd get 26's post instead of our own (62). I noticed it'd get worse every time I reported it, though. And the others in my building wouldn't bother to deliver any post incorrectly delivered.

    I've only had one thing sent to my new address, and it was too large for the letterbox, apparently. Sigh.
  • I've never had a problem with post and I, and the upstairs neighbours, get a lot of overseas packages. Our postie is super cheery.
  • DracoDraco Stroud Green
    We had problems in a shared building in Finsbury Park and continue to have problems in the couple of years we've been here in Stroud Green. On average we get a couple of misdelivered letters every month and the redirection service (that we pay for) is patchy at best.
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