Landseer pub

I cycled past yesterday and it's reopened. Didn't get a chance to look inside but it was packed. It doesn't really look any different than before but it's now a freehouse and no longer owned by Punch Taverns.


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    I think it does look rather resplendent in its new paint job, someone said it is being run by people who run another pub as well?

    Edit: Tufnell Park Tavern
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    One of my favourite pubs as not many have such a nice quiet outside space. A lot of pubs front the street and hence are no so relaxing.
  • went to the landseer yesterday and it is being run by the same people as the Tufnell Park Tavern. There are now pizza's on the menu. I had a beef roast which was quite expensive at £16 but very tasty. Good selection of drinks too.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    how have i lived here 9 years & never known about this pub?!
    lovely spot & such a great outside space - chilled vibe with people sitting on the pavement, soaking up the evening sun.
    only tried the house red - nice spanish number, but look forward to returning to try their food.
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    I have had a pizza and it was very nice, Turkish style with spicy minced lamb, yogurt and red onion.
    Must try the main menu next time. The food is definitely much better than before.
  • Wow what a breath of fresh air now Danny Trejo aint there, even the staff are capable of conversation.

    I had the anchovi and caper pizza for a tenner which was lovely, good beer as well.

    Just shows how a little tweak with paint, mirrors and better seats can make such a difference.
  • Granted I've only been there once and that was three weeks ago but I found the acoustics to be terrible (or am I turning into a grump?). In addition to the paint, mirrors and better seats, could they - if they haven't already, mind - lob up some curtains to soak up some of the noise. And carpets? Or if not carpets, rugs then. God, maybe I am turning into a grump.
  • Curtains and carpet?

    No you have to travel 100 yards down the road for that to a pub where Josh and Annabelle would never darken the doorway.
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