How do you feel about Finsbury Park?

I am collecting primary research for my geography a level independent investigation, and it would be really valuable to have different types of primary data about the Finsbury Park town centre, especially from locals. How do you feel about Finsbury Park as a Stroud Green or otherwise local resident?
  1. How much does it cost to live in Finsbury Park?25 votes
    1. It is expensive!
    2. It is manageable
    3. It is cheap!
  2. I like finsbury park because of its:25 votes
    1. vibrant community
    2. green spaces
    3. shops and restaurants
    4. housing and general style
    5. all of the above
    6. none of the above
  3. How do you feel about Finsbury Park?25 votes
    1. It's perfect
    2. It's pretty good but could be improved
    3. It needs some improvements
    4. It needs huge levels of improvement


  • We live in Stroud Green not Finsbury Park. Survey fail.
  • Are you doing market research?
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  • How do you feel about people who join your local community website apparently just to post a poorly-contrived and ill-founded questionnaire?
  • @ouriço @gardener-joe For my geography a level I have to do an independent investigation linked to our syllabus, so I'm researching how well the Finsbury Park regeneration scheme caters to local residents. I'm also a stroud green resident so I am interested in knowing how the area will change and what others think.
  • @JefkeVanHoornzehout I'm sorry you feel that way, this seemed like the best way to collect quantitative data for my a level investigation. If you have any suggestions on how to improve, they would be greatly appreciated.
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    Never ceases to amaze me how people can be so rude. Asking to complete a voluntary survey just isn't a big deal. Good luck with the project, Finsbury Park is awash with great human geography case studies on housing, population movement, demographic changes, land use. etc.
  • That's interesting, Brodiej; so you're easily amazed and you don't learn from experience?
    All right, I apologise for being so curt, but if I seemed rude it's because this sort of nonsense irritates me. This is not a survey site.

    This site is ostensibly for people who live in the Stroud Green area, so it's fair to assume that's where most of us live: If someone is interested in opinions on the area around the station, what about those who live in the Blackstock and Seven Sisters Roads parts? This survey strikes me as a lazy and misguided way to do research.
  • That's a bit harsh - it's an A-level project. The OP has to start somewhere, so why not here? Maybe he/she is soliciting other views from other local forums. Sure, we're SG, but I see us as part of the wider Finsbury Park area. When people ask me where I live, and I think they may be unfamiliar with North London, I say 'Finsbury Park' because of the station; it's also how I direct taxis. Anyway, @geog_research , I've responded. Good luck with your project.
  • Perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself, then, Jefke?

    This is a teenager just getting to grips with qualitative vs quantitative research and probably doing their first major methodical research of their own. If you find the methods inadequate, how about doing the responsible adult thing and helping them get better in an encouraging tone, instead of heaping on the insults? What do you think will be gained by this approach? I'm guessing you probably don't think.
  • What all the people who aren't really rude said.
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    Thirdeariespace: I didn't insult anyone; my adjectives were applied to the apparent research method. What I would hope to gain is simply to discourage people posting such surveys, or at least giving more thought to what they're doing. It's not my responsibility to be either encouraging or patronising.
  • I think what would have helped was an introduction; who is conducting the research and for what. I don't think people would react so harshly if they knew it was a local doing a school project.
  • Jefke - there are lots of Blackstock road side of the station participants on here who see the site as for us too. We socialise, shop and have friends on the stroud green side of the road and don't apparently draw the boundaries of whose face fits as tightly as some it seems.
  • That's nice to know, and not at all surprising, Jennymc99, but to put that point another way, it seems a fairly good assumption that the further people live from SGR, the less likely they are to be members of this site (since it is called stroud, after all), and vice versa. That's all. I don't know why you referred to boundaries and "whose face fits" here, and I don't care for the implication.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Jefke - it's A levels. Not a dissertation. Don't like it, don't fill it out. You seem to be a little unhappy, what's up?
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    No, @_Bee, I'm quite, quite happy, I was just a little irritated, that's all.

    @therattle understood my point of view (thanks, rattle): @geog_research's original post had no introduction or explanation, just the survey questions, so I just blithely gave him/her the same sort of short shrift I'd give the likes of a telemarketer: nothing serious. But one or two particularly sensitive souls here seemed aghast at my prodigious rudeness - more understandably so if they believed I was posting after geog_research had explained that it was related to an A-Level project (which I'm pretty sure was posted after my initial reply), but their defence struck me as somewhat patronising towards geog_research; The questionnaire isn't in support of a dissertation, as you say, Bee, but the A in A-Level does stand for "advanced", after all. Assuming geog_research is a teenager (and this is an assumption others have made: one can take A-Levels at any age), I was just treating a young adult as I would an adult.

    Geog_research, I apologise for causing this page to be cluttered up with so much irrelevance, but I'm sure you have at least learned that it's a good idea to introduce and explain yourself to your intended respondents before proffering a questionnaire.
  • Jefkey you must have been a teenager once finding out how the world works. Survey person good luck
  • The results are also interesting once you do the survey
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    So you treat adult neighbours just as uncharitably and rudely. Good to know.
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    No, thirdeariespace, but I'm not going to clutter up this page any further just because you don't seem to comprehend what I've already written, so you go ahead and have the last affected word on the matter. Further apologies to geog_research.
  • Jess123Jess123 Stroud Green
    Sorry but this is exactly the kind of post that puts people like me off from posting on to this forum.
    Step 1: New person posts
    Step 2: New person instantly gets horrible responses.
    This is an A-level student. At most, they will be 17 years old. As a teacher, I fully commend the original poster for being proactive and using a local forum.
    You can give constructive feedback without having to be so rude.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    wishing you lots of luck with your project - sounds like it'll be a fascinating piece of work.
    ignore any negativity on here - most of us are alright!
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
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  • You should copyright 'flounce-delete'.
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