Homeless packages

Dear all, in light of the recent concerns about the amount of homeless people in our area, both under the bridge, down the SG Road and around Finsbury Park, a group of us have started a little project called Carebox.

The link is here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1WVXKT510Z2QV and the idea is that we will put together little care packages for those living on the streets, or those that are in such a dire situation that they are resorting to street begging. There are many people who want to give to those in need but have concerns about giving money directly. Others are concerned about giving to huge charities. This alleviates both issues by giving practical resources directly into the hands of our local homeless community.

We will personally take the time to talk to those on the streets and in the packs of toiletries and other essentials, will be a print out of the local services available to them.

I hope that some of you will support this cause :)



  • Good intitative! I'll see what I can add.
  • Someone has set up a take and share cardboard box at the station but It's always empty. The rough sleepers aren't there in the day time, I guess they take it all to wherever they go in the day.
  • Jess123Jess123 Stroud Green
    Thanks! It's going really well so far. We've had lots of donations and will soon have enough to go out to people. Will go beyond to Camden and more central if it takes off.

    Just wanted local people to know about this too so thanks if you can support!

    Miss Annie - Yes saw this. Another good idea although I agree, appears quite empty now.
  • There were loads of packets of crisps and apples at 10 am this morning.
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