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Hi, has anyone had any experience using Davies&Davies or David Andrew? Specifically for renting out a flat? The reviews for both on Google are very good but most of the reviewers have only ever done 1 review which makes me a bit suspicious...

And yes I know it's probably better value to use openrent or something but I'd rather use a local agent and want the property managed.


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    Don’t use Oliver Landon/Estate 141
  • I'm using Paul Gunn of Daughter & Gunn to let out mine. Has been doing a very good job for the last two years and is a nice chap too. www.daughterandgunn.co.uk/
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    we used david andrew for renting our flat & didn’t have any issues. their fee was a bit higher than competitors, but all in all it was a positive experience.
  • I used David Davies for buying my house. They almost messed up my buildings insurance by telling me there were no nearby trees; panicked phone calls on moving in and seeing a very obvious tree. When I rented my place out temporarily I paid extra for a posh one in Crouch End, Martyn Gerrard, who managed the place. Lost their set of keys. Let the tenants trash the house twice and made a mistake on the contract. If I was doing it again I would just go cheap and manage it myself. Even if you think you will be too far away you will still be better than an estate agent.
  • I currently use Northview to manage and let my properties. Really straight up agency with good fees and good service. I found other agencies to be too expensive for poor service.
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