• Apparently this could be linked missing person: http://camdennewjournal.com/article/worlds-end-pub-barmaid-missing-since-christmas-eve

    My thoughts to her friends and family :(
  • Yes unfortunately it's been confirmed it's her. I met her friends in the Parkland Walk yesterday stopping people asking if they had seen her.

    It's so incredibly sad :-(
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    It's very, very sad indeed. A place the size of Finsbury Park can never be that secure (although I look forward to the day when security camera drones zip around all over the place.) Many years ago a park keeper would cycle around the park letting people know that the park gates would be closed at dusk. Now it seems they don't even close the gates any more.
  • I’m tempted to try start a petition to put lightning around the main paths in Finsbury Park. It’s a popular cut through and often the gates are open after dark. I’m not saying it would have prevented this, but it would still improve safety when walking around it later in the evening.
  • I think the best thing is to have gates on that cut through and people avoiding cutting through. Without sounding patronising. I'm old enough to know that this area is rough. It might be more gentrified but still caution is needed.
  • Yes you are right. When I walk along upper tolling ton park towards green lanes I don't feel very safe. And I am on the street. I can't imagine walking through the park, ever! And I am never normally scared or anything. Hopefully someone will listen!
  • I can't stop thinking about that poor girl, dying alone in that horrible way. Haven't seen any reports of an arrest yet. I wouldn't cut through the park at night either but realistically you're not that much safer walking round the edge. Presumably she got off the bus near Manor House and it's quite a long dark walk round the park from there. Would more bus routes help?
  • I do feel the same. Cant stop thinking about a young girl brutally murdered on christmas eve...it s just too sad and absurd
    There are some developments in the invesgation, but of course we dont know what is happening. Hopefully they will arrest the murderer soon and throw away the key!
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    I didn't assume she had come from a bus because it would be the same amount of time, but safer, to get off at FP and walk from there than cut through the Park to where she lived. You'd have to walk round to New River gate then across. I instantly thought Uber driver or she'd gone and sat in the Park with someone she thought was ok. Poor lady and her poor family, it's so sad.
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    i agree - can’t get it out of my head.
    the proximity to us makes it difficult to process.
    such a waste of a young and precious life.
  • Uber driver why ?
  • This post has been shared on facebook by Lucy Russell for an incident that took place in Highate around 20th Decemeber.

    Women in North London - Warning - please be aware. A friend of mine was attacked on Monday night in Highgate, this is her post about what happened:

    "Wasn't going to post this on social media but chatting to work mates yesterday I feel I need to - for other women's safety. I was attacked in Highgate on Monday night- attempted kidnapping was term police used. I'm ok apart from being terrified of my own shadow right now. But wanted to let other women know that this is happening a lot in North London at mo- so please be careful. It was two Eastern European men In an old ford silver car. They first tried to get me on a very quiet road but I ran and then they caught up with me in a residential road with good street lighting. For a minute I thought "this is it" but then a huge demonic voice came out of me - I screamed obscenities in his face which shocked him- he let go and I ran like I've never ran before- still screaming for all I was worth and yelling help. In my deepest most butch voice like a bull elephant. He stopped chasing me grabbed one of my bags which I'd thrown in the floor and suddenly I was in the middle of a ring of people who had come to help. So be careful try to
    Avoid walking long distances alone, keep an eye out and be bold. I was with police and CID for hours and they took my coat for DNA and said I'd gone right thing. They said two groups are taking women - trying to kidnap for money and another for sexy trafficking- from behind I look young cus of my hair, size and way I was trotting along, but bet he got a shock when he saw how old I really am! Ha! I've got one more day of work before I stop for Christmas and Its an audition I've wanted for a long time, so I'm going to do my best To not let those bastards beat me...and use that vulnerability to my advantage I hope - who knows! Main thing is Im bloody safe- but being honest don't really feel
    It! Xxx"

    Please share this.
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    I have seen this same post appear, exactly word for word - with the 'sexy' trafficking typo, demonic voice, bull elephant and the bit about looking young from behind , for the last six months on facebook by all kinds of groups. Nothing in news, nothing from police, nothing in real life.

    I'd take it as fake news. Sadly, the victims of sex trafficking are almost all shipped in from Africa, Eastern Europe and far East. Extremely unlikely that this story is true and it's a distraction from the awful real news above. People believe and share the scaremongering on facebook too easily without checking facts. It won Donald Trump the Presidency.

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    Miss Annie is I'm sure correct in thinking the above facebook abduction account is fake news. This was a murder not an abuction. I suggest anyone in doubt check out factual accounts on trafficking. Not fake news. Let's not get carried away. I'm sure the police will uncover what happened in due course.

    I know trafficking is a different issue but Lisa Harding's fiction book 'Harvesting' deals with it in a compelling and sensitive way. It was well-researched.
  • There has been an arrest. 31 yr old male from Dalston
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    I would like to say thank you to the police.
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    @Brodiej , you’re jumping the gun a bit, aren’t you? Innocent until proven guilty? He’s not “the offender” yet. We don’t even know on what grounds he’s being charged (do we?) It’s precisely this assumption that the arrested person is guilty that encourages the police to make hasty arrests (and even fabricate evidence). The killer may still be walking around freely.
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    That's true, and have deleted my original comment
  • Technically, under the rules, you're committing an offence by referring to him in public as 'the offender' when he has not been tried in court. Absolutely fundamental part of the criminal justice system. It may sound trivial but there is good reason for this rule - you're innocent until proven guilty.

    Newspapers and TV are supposed to abide by this rule and that's why on the whole you don't see acres of newsprint discussing the details of a case *after* a person has been charged but before a trial. The same should apply to publication the Internet - and in principle to individuals surely?
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    Poor English on my part, nothing more. All comments related to how I felt versus a week ago because of police action. It's a forum dicussing the area and I said how I now felt about my local area. I will change my words
  • When they did the park up must have been about 10 years ago there was a Finsbury park park police force that used to patrol in vehicles and on nike. There was also a maned information point at the SS gates
    All got cut as part of austerity.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Someone was saying earlier that the park gates are no longer closed of an evening when it gets dark. Westminster and The Royal Parks do that religiously. Is it true park gates are not closed at Finsbury?
  • The Hornsey Gate (which is the big drive-in gate by the traffic lights on Endymion Road) is never closed. The Oxford Road Gate is usually closed at night, but I'm not sure about all the others.
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    Apparently the main gate next to the station is never closed because it takes two people to operate it and only one person is working for the council

    You couldn’t make it up!

    I an sure that this will change soon. They can’t pretend nothing happened now!
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    @krappyrubsnif as you seem to have the detail on how this works, perhaps you could clarify something for me. It is off this particular topic.
    A few weeks ago a young man was cleared of accusations of rape as it was proven that the police had evidence that the alleged victim had falsely accused him. His name and photograph was all over the papers while hers has been witheld. I would be in favour of her name being made public too in this case as they were obviously false allegations and there was malice at work. Why are papers not able to share this information?
  • Miss Annie, you are not allowed to name the victims of any form of sexual assault. That remains in place even if the person accused of the sexual assault was found not guilty.

    The instances that you will have seen where at a later date the 'victim' is named is those where the police have then decided that the claim was deliberately false and the CPS decided to prosecute that.

    It doesn't stand that every person who claims sexual assault or rape, but doesn't see the accused convicted is making a deliberately false claim. To lose your right to anonymity if the defendant is acquitted would have hefty implications and discourage victims from reporting crimes.

    Obviously, there's a substantial grey area, which is very difficult to navigate. There is a fairly strong argument for anonymity on both sides.
  • I signed the lighting petition. Is there anything else we as a community can do for Iuliana's friends and family? I know there's been a collection for a funeral service. Would it be appropriate to create some kind of memorial to her in the park? Or is there a charity that she cared about that we could donate to in her memory?
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