Reliable Cleaner needed

Hi All

We’ve had a bit of bad luck with cleaners and wanted to find out if anyone has someone they would recommend, who’s 100% reliable. No agencies please.

It’s for 2/2.5hrs per week.



  • very reluctant to do this as I have passed on details of our great cleaner to two people on this forum who have ended up not hiring her. I can only presume there are some strange and oddly demanding people out there. Not saying you are, of course, but think I would have to know quite a few details before I would be prepared to pass on contact info. Sorry but I feel slightly protective of her as I think she could easily be taken advantage of.
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  • So weird and troubling. What kind of rejections have they faced?
  • that's interesting gardener-joe, I don't know arkady, and cannot think what could possibly be the problem.
  • Hi All

    I think I’ve had recommendations of here before and the people I contacted had no slots, which might be why they asked not to be recommended?

    We are looking for one who a) doesn’t cancel at the last minute b) will actually take note if something is dusty or needs cleaning. We have had cleaners not turn up or refuse to carry a hoover up the stairs to clean.

    The ideal is someone reliable, who does a good cleaning job and if they liked ironing then we’d probably hire them for more hours.

    If you have any possible thoughts then it would help greatly as our last cleaner has left to take on a full time role.

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