Pedicure recommendations?

Folks, I've had some truly pointless pedicure experiences in SG, with the laurel going to Be Beautiful where all they did was paint my nails... My dream pedicure has the full works with cuticle trim, lower leg massage, hard heel skin thoroughly sloughed off, etc.
I don't care about nail art, I want soft feet and to feel pampered!
Does anyone know of an SG establishment offering this? Or does anyone know of a therapist who does home treatments? Please share, I pretty much have hooves for feet at this point and flip flop season is almost upon us...
I'll also gratefully receive any other local pampering recommends too! Thanks :)


  • The Mrs has been to the one up near the brave sir robin.
    she said it was "OK"
  • -noodles--noodles- stroud green road
    joust i think you’re talking about laura’s nails - ok for a basic pedi/mani (as is united nails) but i don’t think it’s the luxury experience jacula is dreaming of! i go to both of the aforementioned as they’re cheap, but i’d be interested in hearing about alternatives too :-)
  • yeah. I think thats fair.

    Mrs J would be interested in anywhere local that is fancy, if anyone knows of a place.

    Her bare minimum has to have at least a massage chair. :smile:
  • Beautyworks in Crouch End is good. They also have a branch near Harrods.
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