Rubbish removal?

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Hello. Does anyone know of a local 'man with van' type set up that could help with the removal/disposal of about a 1/5 skip load of carpet and seven bin bags (underlay)?

There are loads of companies online but they will charge about £90 for this and it's a bit steep if you ask me.




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    I agree about the cost ...the LA used to have communal skips for residents every few roads. That is , when it was not controlled by accountants and Councillors with ethics were in charge. Now they are too busy doing their own thing leaving an admin behaving unreasonably.They can't even reply to you. Forcing you to leave rubbish in front garden for 2 weeks before collection [ bulky load] yours will be too big??!!I would think one man & lorry could have a nice little full time job keeping the residents happy .This would never happen in Kingston / Richmond.
  • Hi Ed,

    I have disposed similar amount of rubbish a week ago ( 14 - 15 bin bags) and the company I have used - Frank Rubbish Removal charged me £60 in total. Here is their website in case you need their services:
  • Haringey council will probably do it for cheaper than that.
    Have a look at their bulky rubbish page. I think it starts at £25 for 4 items.

    Or if you have a car, drive it up to the dump yourself
  • Make sure who use is licensed otherwise you could end up with a fly tipper if it is really cheap
  • It costs quite a bit to dispose of rubbish. A skip is close to £300 for this reason.
  • PS vans can only go to the Council tip by appointment. Cars can just turn up.
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