Dog attack outside Bacchus

A lady around Stroud Green Road is the owner of an *extremely aggressive* small brown terrier. Yesterday, outside Bacchus wine bar, this dog without provocation attacked and bit another customer's dog and drew blood. In the last three days this same dog has twice attacked & chased my own dog, making her run off - this happened in the park, but if it had been on the street, my dog could have run into the road and been killed. The dog is sometimes muzzled but other times not.

I didn't witness any of these recent attacks myself, but I recognise the dog & lady as the same I encountered some weeks ago outside the coffee shop (ex Nomad) at Stroud Green traffic lights. On that occasion, the lady spoke to me to explicitly warn me the dog she was bringing out from inside was "very aggressive" & advising me to hold on tight to my own dog, and it would be fine. It was not fine at all. As they left her terrier lunged and snapped uncontrollably at us, terrifying both me and my dog.

The dog has now drawn blood. This lady needs to be parted from her dog. She is in denial. Yesterday she reportedly offered to pay the vet's bill for the dog her terrier had bitten. This is absolutely not OK. The lady & dog are around Stroud Green a lot & must be upsetting a lot of other dog owners. In my opinion this is a matter for the police or RSPCA. Does anybody know the lady's identity? Somebody must know who she is.....if a quiet word doesn't work, more drastic action should be taken. A muzzle is not enough. This beast is dangerous. Suggestions?


  • If you see her around a lot, have quiet word with her and suggest she visits alphadog on the park. They're pretty good
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    When I read your headline I had visions of a Rottweiler mauling a toddler not a dog nipping another dog and chasing other dogs in the park.

    This is not an RSPCA matter unless the dog's welfare is a concern and I doubt the police will give you the time of day. It's not a police matter unless the dog has harmed a human, they are way too busy too sort out a dog who has bitten another dog and chases other dogs.

    Terriers are among the brightest of the dog breeds and need a lot of attention and stimulation, they'll run rings round people and get bored easily. My guess is that the dog has not been trained, is probably bored senseless and has become aggressive out of frustration. Or had an abusive owner previously and that has made it aggressive.

    We had a Jack Russell when I was a kid and they are menaces for nipping people. You have to train them properly from puppies. The owner needs to talk to a vet or see a dog trainer.

  • Surely it IS a matter for the police? Dog owners are liable for actions of their dogs (I'm glad to say, the same isn't true for cat owners!) That's certainly true for property damage, so I can't see how that doesn't apply to other people's animals. As for the RSPCA, why wouldn't they take an interest in an animal that is clearly a danger to others?
  • Give the RSPCA a call and they can talk you through their priorities. They exist for the prevention of cruelty to animals - by humans.
    Dogs do sometimes chase other dogs in the park. Some dogs are aggressive, it's up to the owner to sort this out. It won't be a police matter to stop a dog biting another dog. As far as we know this has happened once and the owner has offered to pay the vet's bill.
  • I had a stint as a dog walker/sitter many moons ago and yes, any dog being aggressive it a potentially a legal problem. The RSPCA explain it quite well here..
  • Advice from the RSPCA from the link posted by @oddbod :
    “If your dog is attacked by another dog, the incident should still be reported to the police immediately.”
  • I witnessed the attack at Bacchus & it was my dog that was attacked -NOT chased Miss Annie- twice last week in the park. The vicious dog is called Elsie & it also went for a passer by. I didn't see the details as I was protecting my dog. If the couple whose Cavapoo was injured could contact me I'll report it as they have the owner's details. Perhaps people who don't know about the fear such regular incidents cause to dogs & their owners should listen more. It is not acceptable that I must now avoid Finsbury pk in case of another attack. Reclaim the park for well behaved owners!
  • Just for completeness, it’d be good to know what did the police say would happen next after this was all reported to them?
  • I have now got the full story from local dog walkers. The dogs name is indeed Elsie and I now know the owner's name and address. She has already been taken to court for allowing her dog to bite someone locally. She and the dog are banned from Zasman Vets because her dog attacks other dogs there. She appears to take no responsibility for her dog. I do think it might be time to take action?
  • Before everyone wades in, remember you are not talking about a wild feral creature. That is someone's friend and companion. Try to deal with her in a practical but kind way. Think how you would feel as a fellow animal person.
  • What miss Annie says.

    Less internet vigilante gangs, more nice conversation and help
  • I am a dog person. I like dogs and I they like me. But I like dogs that are trained and accustomed to people, because dogs and people are together a lot, they have to coexist, and this is necessary.

    (By the way, more humans are killed by dogs than by wolves. Fact.)

    So, @miss_annie, if this sad little terrier bites and kills a child, will you still have the same attitude - its someone's pet, they should he allowed their indulgence?
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    I wonder if that statistic would be the same if all the countries that have dogs also had wolves.
    Obviously I'm not going to dignify your utterly stupid question with an answer.
  • "What if the Greenpeace protester had had a gun in her handbag" springs to mind though.
  • Attacks by dogs on people have increased by 76%. It is an offence against the 1991 Act for an owner to allow their to be dangerously out of control. This incident & attacks cited on Crouch End Appreciation society yrsyerday clearly show this woman is not controlling her ,dangerous dog.
  • That's an unusually specious comparison by you, @krappyrubsnif (I'll bet more humans are killed by dogs than by three-wheeled ice cream vans or albino polar bears in the Caribbean—yet the price of fish is not directly affected).

    Nonetheless, from what you say, this dog is definitely a threat to other dogs, and may well be a threat to people too. It seems that the owner is being selfish and irresponsible, taking the dog out without a muzzle, knowing it will intimidate and attack other dogs and people. I agree with you; the dog needs training and perhaps removal from her owner (the owner risks being banned from keeping animals if she ends up in court again); there might be something about the owner's behaviour that (deliberately or not) is at the root of this. Offering to pay a vet's bill after an attack is no excuse to continue on in the same way.

    @miss annie , you seem determined to downplay the seriousness of this; a bite that draws blood is more than just a nip, and can become infected. If this has been going on for weeks, how is it reasonable to indulge the owner while her dog is a significant threat to the public and other dogs? I think Krappy's question is justified; he's just extrapolating the outcome of the dog's behaviour to something yet more serious, but surely quite plausible(?)
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    You all seem determined that this dog should be officially punished by the law in some way so not much point me responding any further. Let me know when you succeed in having it destroyed won't you.
  • That’s right, @miss annie , not much point in you responding, as judging what you’ve said so far, your comment would be just as vacuous as no comment at all. You can expect from carefully reading our comments that I’ve formed a torchlit mob outside Elsie’s house. @krappyrubsnif is obviously leading the chant of “Bring out the dog! Punish the dog!”.

    I do so look forward to you not replying. Please don’t disappoint me.
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    Quite a number of people both in Crouch End (where there was very serious dog attack last week, though a different dog) and here in Stroud Green have now been sharing their personal accounts of Elsie and her mistress. It seems Elsie has been a well known problem for at least a couple of years. According to some, Elsie's owner was indeed prosecuted, but allowed to keep the dog on condition it was muzzled and this condition being met?

    I have received one further account on Twitter @stroudgreenguy and Tricksy on this forum has heard from a number of people through the Crouch End Facebook forum, all people (mostly dog owners) complaining of being bitten, attacked personally or having their dogs attacked by Elsie. I, personally, have no plans to go to the police (at this stage) or, as you put it @Miss_Annie, 'have the dog destroyed'. But I do think it's a sensible idea to keep a note of such stories, so that if (when) somebody else gets bitten in future and if enforcement action becomes necessary, the story is all in one place. So if anyone has anything to add to the dodgy dog dossier concerning Elsie, kindly share or, if confidentiality is an issue, send a private message either to me or Tricksy.

    And with that, m'lud, I rest my case.
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    More people are killed by pigs than sharks. Also a fact.

    Down with pigs!
  • Well, fair’s fair! After all, humans kill more pigs than any other species does. Best not to let on to our porcine cousins about that, though, in case they don’t already know it. There could be trouble.
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