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  • Gloria, speaking as a bit if an eco-nerd, with considerable regret I have to agree with you. I've yet to have an organic wine that wasn't unspeakable filth. I'm desperate to discover that this is merely bad luck, so if anyone has any recommendations I'm all ears.
  • Sam Smiths do decent organic beers, do they sell wine as well I wonder?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Gloria. Totally agree. Excellently articulated. There may be good organic wine somewhere but I don't risk buying it.
  • Las Mulas - occasionally on offer at Ocado for £7.50 is a pretty decent organic red at that price, but yes, I agree there's some awful stuff out there, or very overpriced, or both!
  • Easy Gloria & Grenners - we were in Slovenia, had a great bottle of bio dynamic wine at a fantastic restaurant and on their recomendation had a fantastic bottle of red wine from the . On our way to Croatia we stopped at the Burja Estate which was very much a small family run business and got a real sense of the care they take to produce fantastic wine without all the crap I understand the big industrials use + with low mechanisation/pollution.

    I also remember drinking biodynamic wine at in Crouch End and rather than the terrible hangover one can get was fresh as a daisy the next day.

    I'm a fan
  • Patso, sounds great but rather a long way to go for a bottle of wine, and it doesn't look like it's available either in Stroud Green, nor even online!
  • I met the guy that owns this restaurant a couple of years ago, I would bet that his organic wine is good.
  • Just heard that Deli 80 might be shutting down. A shame not cheap but good products and fresh bread.
  • What?! That's a shame. They've got bloody good cheese.
  • It's always empty. Another place that everyone loves but no one shops in?
  • I hope not! The deli side does look slow (agree good cheese) but I thought it did ok on cafe tables and sandwiches.
  • Place on Cali road opened up asking £8 for a sandwich, even if it's the best sandwich in town (which it won't) I'm not buying. No wonder these places shut
  • I remember when Max's sandwiches were only £8, sob..
  • 16.5K/year seems to be the rent for Deli80. With 1 or 2 employees costs start to be significant.
  • Agree with the sentiment of @miss annie when it comes to a local business or service: use it or lose it!
  • How many times per week can the average local resident visit a deli?
  • Except for treating myself to the occasional "Hippy" loaf, Deli at 80's prices are too high to me. I look at those tiny niblets of chorizo or some such sausage on their cabinet and balk at the price, so if we lose it, it's of little consequence to me.

    Next up is the new charcuterie near the Stapleton Hall Road end of SGR. I had a peak through their window this evening. Looks like the sort of place you'd find in Hampstead. If SGR can't support the likes of Vittorio's (which had an excellent choice of salamis and cheeses at reasonable prices), I don't think this charcuterie stands a chance.
  • The good news is that Piccolo Diavolo is now open in its new premises (formerly La Porchetta). About three times the size of the old place.
  • 'so if we lose it, it's of little consequence to me....'
  • It's a bit harsh, but realistically unless you've got tons of rich people move into the area tomorrow, it can't sustain itself sadly. I often feel that a lot of my peers with mor disposable cash, choose to stay in South or east London to spend it
  • that's crap, love the deli at 80.
  • Bloody hell, I never thought I'd see the day when South London was a preferable place to spend money. I only go to the bits of South London that I can see from the north banks of the river.
  • “Gosh”? @AtomGallery ? Just a simple statement of fact, as I rarely use it. The same would be true (especially as I don’t own a car) should any of the car washes close down.

    As for Saaff Landan, it’s barely civilised. Three tube stations and that close to Surrey? No thanks!

  • our high street is thriving much more than st johns wood and high street areas are also suffering....but our high street has a lot more to offer in comparison to said slowly closing areas....

    perhaps it's hit and miss?...people round here love particular mexican chain looked at the new development and decided not to open here as the area didn't look promising...

    south of the river...has improved hugely, and the cost comparison leaves me this side of the river in a two bed house, whereas south would be 5 bed...with a gails on the corner....
  • @Scruffy perhaps its not all about you, can you not accept it would be a shame not just for the people that work there and shop there but also a loss for the street in that it is a visible indication of somewhere that is prospering and would be a nice place to live.
  • Having not been to this Deli at 80 place myself it's more of a general observation, but I'd far sooner define a "nice place to live" as somewhere with shops selling things I like to buy at reasonable prices than somewhere full of shops selling overpriced stuff.
  • I do sometimes feel that i'm living in some sort of parallel universe to people on this board. Stroud Green is great. It has a thriving high street that isn't just the generic cut and paste that plagues most other high streets, not just in London but outside the city. This constant whinging about car washes and over priced delis is maddening. Not all but some here have no concept of what a run down area actually is or what a high street in the rest of the country represents. Open your eyes. Rant over.
  • As a long term SG resident and reader of this forum i sometimes wonder whether the keyboard warrior's who constantly moan on this forum about how unhappy they are with SG living will only be happy when it take Jaywick's crown as the most deprived area in the UK.
    Well said cmo
  • I have lived here long enough to have seen what SG was like back in the day ie 1980s. Between Toll Park and Crouch there was one restaurant, the Vegi Indian with Jacks across the road. There where I think 3 newsagents, and Tesco’s that used to close at 5.30 every evening which meant there was space for some small grocery shops that charged a bit more they were open all hours. The Stapleton was a bit of a dive but had good live music in what is now the Chandelier room. The Diary wasn't there it was garage with as hardware shop at the front bit. Nandos was a real Irish pub, plenty of very drunk folks with punch ups happening quite often. It had a whelk, potted shrimp seller it is forecourt. The White Lion of Mortimer was one of the early "large” Wetherspoons can along 1986, it was revolutionary at the time and was feature in the Observer magazine as being the future of pubs ! Pubs in those days used to be shut are 3pm to 6.30 and close completely at 11pm.
    With “events” I hope we don’t go back to that sort of world, folks don’t know how lucky they are!
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