Depressing Bridge



  • two months later...

    anyone know whats going on now?
    I see a couple of bedrooms have returned
  • Four bedrooms this morning. One has an armchair.
  • What is the deal with the fences and the closed cycle path? With the begging bedrooms it's a mighty shambles down there. Worse than before.
  • They keep moving the date of the bridge refurb back without admitting that they are doing it. I think the latest signs say they are starting on the 18th of this month, but I may have misremembered.
  • I've had a long email exchange with the local Haringey and Islington cclrs about this subject.

    I was arguing that the councils (Islington and Haringey) aren't doing enough to tackle the issue of homelessness and drug dealing in the area (and that it's getting worse!)

    Here are some excerpts that might be interesting for you to read:

    """""""The work we do to assist rough sleepers is based on trust. The success of our work depends on our ability to gain, nurture and maintain the trust of the rough sleepers we work with, who are often extremely vulnerable, hesitant to seek help. It would be entirely wrong for us to share any Islington resident’s personal details without their consent, (was discussing the non-compliance with Governement request for councils to share data with the gov) let alone those of a vulnerable rough sleeper who needs help and support. Our position is shared and supported by Haringey Council.

    Over the last two years, our outreach team has supported 38 people into accommodation who were bedding down at Stroud Green Road. The outreach team continue to visit the surrounding area to engage with those who continue to sleep rough instead of accessing accommodation. Each person has a lead worker and a route away from the streets plan. Earlier this year we worked with the Glasshouse Shelter to support people move away from the streets and link into the support they need. This was an exciting project supported by Housing Justice and the London Mayor. We supported these individuals to move onto stable accommodation ahead of the shelter closing.

    Islington Council’s priority is getting people into safe, secure accommodation and giving them the support they need to move off the streets permanently, where they are at significant risk. Islington Council works together with a wide range of partners to ensure a holistic approach is offered.

    Some individuals, despite having access to accommodation and wrap around support, continue to return to the area – being drawn back due to substance use. We are concerned that the vulnerable people here are being exploited by drug dealers, taking money in exchange for Class A drugs and that this area is becoming hostile as a result. We also believe one of the draws to this location is that people are being given large sums of money by generous and well-meaning members of the public which is funding their substance use. This is why some people are reluctant to engage with support on offer to move away from the streets. The temporary structures are a health and safety hazard to those that sleep in them. There are some people, who despite continued offers of accommodation and support, remain at this location and their health and wellbeing is deteriorating placing them at risk of harm.

    We continue to look at innovative ways in which we can support people and continue to review the needs of those rough sleeping. We now have a new No recourse to public funds worker and a complex needs worker, who are able to offer greater support to those on the streets with these needs. We continue to work with the local neighbourhood police teams, safer transport police and British Transport police to ensure co-ordinated efforts in addressing drug-related activity and criminality. We have recently secured a civil injunction against an individual who persisted in engaging in anti-social behaviour in the area. Islington and Haringey Council, along with relevant partners meet regularly to review support for individuals and wider approach."""""""""""""""""""""

    Sorry for the long post, but it's worth sharing and I appreciated the response from one of the Islington councillors.

    I still personally think they need to be thinking more about the residents, our health and safety as a priority but at least I got an answer!

    Still no answer from the Police about the drug den on Endymion road in the meantime haha.

  • I would like to sponsor a branded hawk that patrols the area for all the skanky pigeons that drop bombs all day every day.
  • Apparently the fences were removed today from the SGR bridge (

    Has anyone noticed any finished works other than the paint job on the north side of the bridge? The rest of the bridge doesn't look freshly painted and pigeons are still everywhere.
  • Of course pigeons are everywhere. As are rats. Have you noticed the enormous pile of food rubbish by Pret or the crap people casually drop on the floor?
  • I was able to use the bike path down SGR today on the school run! (I couldn't on the way back as there were too many people).

    Speaking of rats, I have seen mice and *gigantic* rats running from the embankment across the path to the drumming house at the entrance to the park.
  • It's quite natural for wildlife to run about outside.
  • interestingly @the_dodo seems like the article confirms my suspicion about the beggars not being homeless, which is good news I guess:

    'He said there is "no real reason" to homeless people who previously slept under the bridge to return owing to the effectiveness of Islington and Haringey's outreach teams.'

  • We know this already @LukeG. There any number of posts discussing this.
  • I think before it was all speculation? This is a guy from a homeless charity who's confirming it.
  • Oooo Annie, Annie. Must *every* post you make be implying other people are stupid and/or ignorant? And Luke's right, it is good to see this being confirmed from a formal source.
  • Mostly it's boredom really rather than thinking other people are stupid. No local forum is going to be consistently interesting or entertaining though, it's my fault for not realising it has changed as much as the area has.
  • Your lack of realisation may or may not be a mistake, but your being rude definitely is. And boring too. Leave it out.
  • Missannie is going to vote for the green party. Am surprised
  • They'll get my vote too!
  • You are surprised because you don't know me @Sutent.
    I have been a militant recycler for decades, I drove my mum mad with it. I make do and mend the way I was taught to by my nan. I do not have kids, I grow much of my own food, I cycle and do not use a car. I haven't flown for ten years and I buy maybe one new item of clothing a year. I have furnished every house I have lived with street finds (except couches and mattresses) or made things myself. Apart from my phone I live a very analog life. And I work for a large chain of bookshops whose eco policy - no single use plastics in cafe, compostable cups, bike scheme, leftover food to homeless not waste etc I have helped to drive. I'll happily bore on for ages about it.
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    Miss Annie, I do think (and I'm not being sarcastic) that is very commendable. I think living in a city, not the suburbs with all it' public transport, shared houses etc. is probably the most environmental place a person can live. Good on you!
  • @miss annie its not the climate policies that you support suprise me. It's very left policies like universal income and tax on animal products consumption
  • OMG. Has Chang hacked someone’s account?
  • OMG, Gardener Joe is so witty. Actually Miss Annie despite all the conflict I've had with her is good citizen. That is to be commended. No Chang hack, hehe.
  • Interesting article on rough sleeping in the most recent Economist illustrated by a photo of under our bridges
  • Ah! Would have been good to read that, need to pick one up as I've run out of subscription
  • Anyone else noticed the massive improvement under the bridge for the past few weeks? Feels like something's happened - even the crack addicts seem to have gone, bar one who's now back after a brief hiatus. Even noticed less urine trickling down the street at the park entrance going into the bike lockup. Numerous false dawns before but feels more permanent this time? Fingers crossed!
  • I'll just repost this from another thread. Could the explanation for the disappearance of the rough sleepers under the bridge be in some kind of private out-of-hours 'enforcement' by some local business or developer? Who could possibly have an interest in cleaning up the area and in raising property prices?
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    Unless someone has some actual evidence then I don't think there's any need for conspiracy theories. The Councils have been clamping down for a while, and their clear message that everyone who has been sleeping there has been offered accommodation has reduced sympathy for the 'rough sleepers' (most of whom went home at night anyway). Some of the more obvious drug dealers who were feeding off them have been driven off. There are also far fewer (though more than I expected) people walking under the bridge now the Western Ticket Hall has opened, so their source of revenue has declined - that was the point when the last of the homeless vanished from under the bridge.

    If I was the developer who is presumably being accused - who have already sold most of their units from what I understand - I'd be quite happy that people had the homeless still under the bridge as an incentive to walk through my development with its soon-to-open retail.
  • Are the homless people allowed to sit in the land by the Goodwin street enterance? Or is this private land? The only problem there its so windy its not a good place to sit or lie down comfortably.
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