Stroud green road closure under railway bridge

Anybody know why Stroud Green Road is closed (except for pedestrians and cyclists) under the railway bridges? No visible signs of work taking place beneath.

However, the fact that there's a closure doesn't seem to be stopping motorcycle food couriers - who are just riding round the barricade. Seems the Police are aware of this, and in any case, LBI still has the camera they used to enforce the closure last time round. I bet that lots of them haven't just done this once yesterday and today.



  • Waze says it's closed till 5am due to bridge works.
  • Does anybody know if any work was done on the Oxford Road footbridge into the park? It was supposed to be closed all last week but I think they just took the signs away and nothing happened.

    I was hoping they were going to resurface it to get rid of the Footbridge Moat (puddle).
  • The fact that footbridge is a footbridge doesn't stop motorscooter couriers using that either... Nearly had one crash into me, the fool.
  • I had a look this evening - steady stream of food delivery couriers flouting the law on SGR, including one using the cycle lane. What's clearly apparent with other traffic absent is just how many of them there are, resulting in both noise and pollution.

    Some enforcement of the law is desperately needed. I live on a street that is gated on one end to prevent rat-running, but there's a gap down the side of the gate intended for cycles with a no-entry for other vehicles. These are regular used (illegally) by couriers, as are advanced stop lanes at traffic lights - a very common manoeuvre being to stream traffic and then pull into the advanced-stop lane. If you happen to be a cyclist already there, and positioned towards the centre-line o the road, this doesn't tend to end well.
  • I have never seen a person enforcing traffic regulations. Only cameras. I have no doubt that the amount of PCNs a person would issue for observing flouting of road rules would amply cover the cost of employing them.
  • If you are a vehicle or motor bike stopping in the cycle box attracts an £80 fine plus 3 points
  • Wowser, this thread really hits a sore point with me.

    I got knocked into the other day by a nob who cut across me (I was on the left of the box going left and the scooter was in the box going left, but he basically accelerated into me and then just rode off angrily). That was on the intersection of Palmer and Holloway.

    Genuinely needs to be sorted out especially the useless 'L' plate rule that basically means I could be riding one in a week.
  • Ali, that is the law but I have never seen it enforced. One person enforcing it could probably make their monthly salary in a day!
  • Hopefully, they're re-doing the fake cycle lanes to make them properly segregated.
  • I use the one going down SGR, but rarely the one going up - too much pedestrian overflow.
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    The one going up is madness. You have to cycle up it with your hand stretched out in front of you to smack people out of the way when they will drift off the footpath on to the cycle lane.
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    Just think:
    * Ignoring a temporary road sign can be punished with 3 points and a fine; if you claim to have not seen it, that's driving without due care and attention - also three points and a fine. Given that there was a barrier across the road, this would be quite a stretch.
    * 12 points results in disqualification; 3 will make already expensive insurance even more so. Bizarrely, once you've passed a driving test it only takes six in the first two years.
    * They were coming through the road closure at a rate of several a minute. No doubt some of them many times

    If either the Police or LBI use the camera footage they have, you might have some difficult getting a deliveroo or Uber Eats in North London.
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    Cast your minds back. When the bridge was single-lane one way only (northbound) a couple of years back hundreds of CAR drivers daily drove brazenly through, dangerously, against the flow, and did the coppers do anything about it? Or the road authorities? Course not, idle useless sods. Do you think they're going to care about a few hundred scooter drivers? They'll tell you they have other work to do - at their comfy desks out of the cold, no doubt
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    @krappyrubsnif It did eventually get enforced - LBI put up a camera or this express purpose - ironically, it's on a pole with anti-climbing spikes just outside the taxi office, positioned for a great view of anti-social behaviour under the bridge, but not from the taxi drivers.

    Incidentally, the local Safer Neighbourhood Team has a poll - supposedly to guide their focus. Be sure to vote.
  • I am pretty sure the camera was already there at the tunnel entrance, but facing the wrong way. I never heard of any enforcement action. I would like to think I'm wrong. I recall posting video of cars online, and there was even some sort of crash involving a van I believe.
  • Again, I'm going to mention it, but they don't give a shit about the tens of dealers around there at night, why would they care about the cars. For whatever reason the police refuse to enforce anything at Finsbury park outside of match day.
  • On that note. I'm a little bit staggered by the brazenness of the young males that hang out directly outside the station smoking strong weed. I'm also impressed they can stand up.
  • The going up cycle lane will get easier once the Wells Terrace entrance to the tube opens up to the W7 end. What is confusing to everyone is the shared cycle lane pavement running through the station in front of the closed Russian owned pub along with the Toucan Crossings. It is not at all clear it is a cycle lane and needs the worn out green colour re done
  • What the fuck is the council & the police playing at
  • Call me a cynic, but I cannot help thinking that the recent long period of there being no rough sleepers under the Stroud Green Rd bridge at Finsbury Park station - and all seeming clean and bright - is the result of pressure from the City North developers needing a better looking area to drive ongoing sales. Of course, if the developers had got on with making the Wells Terrace entrance a priority ... but that is a different ongoing sore!
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    @LukeG I think the landlords of that building have a lot to answer for: The door has been broken for absolutely ages. There is also a problem of some residents dumping their rubbish outside the bin-store on the pavement.

    There are regular rubbish dumps a bit further along Lennox Road. The residents of Finsbury Park Mansions seem to be the source of these. Finsbury Mansions is an HMO - which the councils seems thing is appropriate for the area because there is a 'local need' for poor quality accommodation.
    I reported items with an individual's name and address (in that building) last night to the Council's ASB team. Talking to the one of the team on the phone last night, I didn't leave with the impression that anything would happen - such as them interviewing the resident in question. I may start naming and shaming in the future if Islington won't take action.

    To cap it off, the Islington Clean Streets app - how one is supposed to report such incidents - is not fit for purpose in any of these locations. The app is white-label, also being used by several other local boroughs- notable Haringey. It determines which using GPS. This fails badly in locations on the boundary, sending it to the wrong local authority - who then ignore it.
  • The Harrigey version of the app seems to work as I regularly log rubish dumping at the end of Lorne Road where it meets SGR which is the boundary. Agree about the lack of actoin when you send a photos with names of the people who have dumped on them
  • Yeh, I mean the number one duty of the landlords are to provide a safe place to live 100%.

    However they're failing to do that - either due to incompetence, or due to the drug takers being aggressive enough to make it impossible to do anything properly.

    Hence the council & police.

    Police should be aggressively policing the area - young men are killing each other on a weekly basis in our neighbourhood. We all see these boys loitering around & dealing - we've discussed it before.

    The council should be finding better (non-ideological) solutions to the homeless problem as we've discussed before. They should also not be afraid to tell the police to use any means necessary to search, arrest and generally make the dealers lives a living hell. Haringey no.1 why isn't there CCTV installed in the park yet ffs.
  • There was some people by the Oxford Road gate last night looking suspiciously like they were waiting to mug people on the way into the park.
  • Could the lack of action have anything to do with the Police being starved of new blood over the last 20 years of spending cuts resulting in 14% less cops. That with he cuts in the rest of the criminal justice system the CPS had it budget cut by a third. The number of prison officer's fell by 26% so guess what the number of suspects charged by the cops fell from around 700000 to 500000 Does this not tell that capacity doesn't exist to deal with the "problems" we see. It has been deliberate government policy or politician s not understanding unintended consequences
  • Also meant to say we are suddenly going to have lots more police according to Johnson. What about the capacity of the rest of the system to deal with that
  • Boris has the joined-up thinking of about a three year old.
  • Couldn't agree more regarding moped drivers. Most have L plates and drive like absolute idiots. Most issues already mentioned: driving in cycle lanes, stopping in cycle boxes (Ali said it's 3 points on a lisence but from my understanding this has never been enforced). Another big one is overtaking on the right whilst you are clearly indicating right. I'm fairly liberal with most things but I'd make it much easier to ban these idiots from being a danger on our roads.
  • I think @gardener-joe is spot on, the explanation for the disappearance of the rough sleepers under the bridge can only be in some private out-of-hours 'enforcement' by some local business or developer with an interest in raising property prices in the who could that be?
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