The Lidles and The Rowans

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Nice to E-meet you all.
I would just like to pick your brains about the proposal for a new Lidles store... Are we for or against? What do we think the impact on local businesses will be?

Also, I have heard some troubling news that The Rowans may be being sold to developers... is this really true? does anybody have the inside scoop?

Look forward to hearing from y'all :)


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    For Lidl because selfishly it will give me another option on the way home. It will give Sainsbury's, Tesco and Nisa competition and I don't care about that. I doubt they treat farmers etc worse than other supermarkets. I've heard some stores have a great bakery. Cheap food is good for a lot of people living around here.

    As for Rowans I never go there. Shame to loose an alternative use and for it to go to housing etc but I can't see a big backlash to that.
  • Would be v sad to see Rowans go - it's a real local institution, catering for all ages and the kids love it. It's a bit old-fashioned but that's part of the charm and Finsbury Park will be more bland without it.
  • Well Rowans spot is earmarked for future development, as is that plot - whether or not anything comes of that, we'll see.

    It's really the only reason young-uns would travel all the way to Finsbury park from elsewhere in London, I feel like it's a landmark known to a lot of people, just like Hootenanny's is in the South.

    As for Lidl, it's a shite chain.
  • I agree with N19 about Rowan's. I am not sure what I think about Lidl, but given that there are already supermarkets here (small, pricier Sainsbury's, shitty Tesco), a bit of competition, and access to cheaper food, is on balance not a bad thing.
  • I'm happy to have a closer Lidl, I save a fair chunk on regular items where if I used another chain would cost 3x as much for pretty much the same product, and sometimes of less quality. Also the building they're taken has never been used properly, so might as well have something in there.

    Rowan's would be a real loss.
  • Some good news, Rowans is reopening from 25th August.
  • Strike!

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