Sketchiness at Sketch House

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As I opened my front door at 1am this morning to let the cat in, and it was quite evident that students are back in Sketch House: I could hear it about 150m away.

It was a gathering of 12 students smoking outside.

In Covid-19 times: Not a good look, besides the noise nuisance.


  • Not to be scaremongering or anything, but as Channel Four News is emphasising tonight, *students* aged 21-25 are hugely responsible for the enormous spike (in Manchester,).

    Irresponsibility in action.
  • And... another impromptu street party tonight - with about 25 students. This time the Police attended to break it up.
  • You're right, irresponsible and not a good look. I can't help feeling a bit sorry for them at the moment though. Imagine starting university in these conditions.
  • Indeed - it may well be that communal spaces inside the building are out of bounds.

    Nonetheless, there were a significant number of local residents disturbed by this.

    Just wait until they all get locked down as is almost inevitable.
  • It is a bit shit, you move to an odd and at times intimidating city in this fiasco. I agree, not a great look but I do sympathise greatly with them.
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