Tyre shop?

Hi there, newbie here! Can anybody recommend a tyre shop in the area? I need to get a nail removed and then probably a repair done, ideally by a place that won't have 'seen me coming'. Thanks!!


  • One on Mount Pleasant Crescent.
  • Holloway Tyres on Fortnam Road (used to be on Fonthill Road), honest and reliable.
  • Thanks for the recommendations!
  • Bad day for tyres. Two flats in Corbyn St today, though mine turned out to be also a nail. I got the AA this time, but the little workshop opposite the Stapleton tavern is generally cheap and helpful.
  • second vote for the place near to the Stapleton
  • The place near the Stapleton are my neighbours so do go and support them. However do choose a reputable tyre brand from the ones they offer you. I took the cheap option once and they were awful..
  • I had so many flats in the last two years I should get a loyalty card from the little place opposite the Stapleton. Always excellent service and good advice.
  • Another vote for the Stapleton crew. Reliable, honest and decent people. Very sadly, the owner passed away recently but though they are grieving, the others have managed to remain commited and friendly.
  • I have been thinking about the nails in tyres. Something/someone has cracked our windscreen - I noticed it today. it could have been a passing vehicle or a workman unloading something from a van, or it could have been vandalism. Two nails stuck in tyres seems like a remarkable coincidence to me. If nails had fallen onto the road they would be lying flat. How exactly do they reach the requisite angle to pierce a tyre, without human help? It may be that my windscreen and your tyres were all done deliberately.

    Having done some reading apparently it is possible but unlikely, and almost always occurs in rear tyres after the orientation of the nail is altered by the front tyres. Were your nails in front or back wheels? Unless there are a lot of nails about I still think it is unlikely that two tyres getting pierced is accidental.
  • I have had the chance to examine my car more carefully and it looks more like another vehicle has hit it, as there are some scrapes along the side too. infuriating, but almost certainly not vandalism.
    I am still surprised that two cars have managed to pick up nails though!
  • A few years ago the tyres on my car were let down by an aggrieved resident of Mount Pleasant Villas (apparently because they didn't think I had the right to park there). There is no limit to the depravity of man. I have always thought of it as Mount Unpleasant Villas since.
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    Apparently it's much harder than you might think to get a nail into a tyre. They are tough, so I suppose you need the weight of the car on top of the nail to pierce through. Hmm.
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