• I get it. Nobody but nobody, has a TV set this small these days.
  • edited December 2020
    Or that big. At one end they’re watching on tiny phone screens, small tablet screens (which in the CRT days of yore would have been about as deep as they were wide), or ginormomongous TV screens. Not much in the middle is considered sexy these days. If you hang on to it for long enough, @krappyrubsnif you’ll be able to take it to an antiques fair, where a latter day Arthur Negus will wistfully explain what it was for (to an incredulous audience), using arcane and archaic terms such as “Television”, “broadcaster”, and “aerial”, while admiring the high quality materials and workmanship. (Of course, if the antiques fair happens to be at Alexandra Palace…)
  • I have no need of a ginormomongous TV screen, I find my own 360° vision in what is called 'life' is quite wide-screen enough and gives me plenty of variety (though I keep a TV in the living room for visitors.)
  • I am also keenly aware that I have built-in apps for the enjoyment of reading, music, touch, voice control and more arcane functions such as taste and smell, without the bother of having to download, configure and enter passwords (though I do occasionally have to switch myself off and then on again).
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