Rosa’s Thai is opening!

Hey guys, heads-up: Rosa’s Thai on Wells Terrace opens today.

You can order here and use code FINSBURY50 for 50% off both today and tomorrow.


  • Looks like it has quite a nice bar inside.....
  • I have had Rosa's before and it is good, but not as good as either Rusty Thai on Hornsey Road, or Granary, both of which are outstanding. The Tom Kha at Rusty is just amazing. (Granary's is very good, and their curries are slightly better; but Rusty edges it for the Tom Kha). We are lucky to have two such excellent Thai restaurants so nearby. And they are not part of a chain.
  • I think Rusty Bike is part of a chain, they have a massive pub / restaurant fusion in Mile End and a couple of other places I've seen on my travels, the font and branding is exactly the same anyway.

    There was one in Crouch End for a while as well.

    The Laab Gai in The Granary is my favourite dish anywhere, period.

  • I think that Rusty Thai on Hornsey Rd has split from the chain. It's no longer called Rusty Bike.
  • OK I've never noticed that, is it that good?

    I think the location is what puts me off.
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    We think (my wife agrees) that Rusty Thai is very, very good. On some dishes better than Granary, others not quite - so use that as a benchmark. Definitely better than Rosa's. Don't let location put you off - Big Jo across the road is outstanding too!

    PS they have a very reasonable lunch special. About £6 for a curry and rice (or similar), which could easily stretch to two meals. So it's a cheap way to give it a try. It can be extended to add a starter for another £2: so last week I got a veg tom kha (superb) and very good veg green curry & rice for £8. It fed both of us, with a smallish meal still left over.
  • I should probably put this on the big jo thread but, i'm here so...big jo is fantastic. If you can, try the pizzette, I think they call it. Essentially a deep fried pizza. Incredible.
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