Old Dairy Closure

Hi everyone, sad news, it looks like the Old Dairy is permanently closed.



  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Stapleton Tavern is better. May a new owner will improve the Old Dairy at some point.
  • Here's hoping it isn't turned into flats. It's a massive pub, must be hard to get decent returns on it.
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    It's not the best aesthetic shape either, it would be a good space to be sub divided with popups like Camden Stables and keep the bar in the middle.

    Or stick a brewery in half of it with the coppers on show.
  • Take away tha massive football telly, but then I don't go to a pub to watch football. I don't watch football at all.
  • I quite liked it and am sad it's gone.
  • I was at its opening night about 2000. I really liked it. Haven't been in it for ages but it did seem to go downhill when they subdivided it into pub/gastropub around ten years or more ago.
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    I shan't miss it. Whenever I have to leave a pub because the music is ear-splittingly loud (as was the case with the Old Dairy a year ago), it stays firmly on my shit-list until it either burns down (for which I usually hope) or has a change of management (which is the next best thing.)
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