Harringay is a district of Haringey


  • Check out the forum Harringay online (for residents of the ladder and the surrounds) - if you haven't already as people mix it up with Haringey online.
  • Indeed Harringay is ancient, whereas “Haringey” was concocted when the borough (a much larger area than the district) was created around 1965.

    I’d love to see a local map which delineates boroughs, old parishes, electoral wards, postal districts, etc. So many ways to describe one area. I could be said to be in Hornsey, South Hornsey, Haringey, Finsbury Park, Stroud Green, N4, and probably a few more toponyms of which I’m not yet aware.
  • I've learnt a new word - toponym. Excellent, thank you.
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