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  • I lived in SG for years and although plane noise is perceptible at times, depending on which flight path/holding pattern Heathrow is on, I never found it intrusive. I now live in Richmond, Kew to be precise, where it's entirely a different story! …
  • @conformable_kate I've never actually got to the point of being disconnected. One time I told them that I was thinking of leaving as they were too expensive and they dropped my bill. Last year I told them to disconnect me which they initially agreed…
  • It shouldn't be this way but it's pretty easy to barter with Virgin Media. Phone them up and tell them you want to leave and disconnect all your services. I've done this a couple of times. The last time they called back a couple of days later offeri…
  • I presume they're still doing steak night on a Tuesday? (£5.49 includes a pint)
  • Love it or hate it the White Lion is closing for good on 24th Jan. These guys have bought it.  Even though I've moved out of Stroud Green, I'm very sad about this. Yet another hipster bar with mismatched furniture and 'craft ales'.  End of an era.
  • Sorry Krappy...the police got a good description of these scum bags. Black teenage lads, the usual hoodies so not very recognisable, however at least 1 or 2 of them have big afros. They're on the police's radar I think and hopefully it won't be long…
  • Yeah, something happened again last night. Big police presence on Lorne and Victoria Roads, the end of Lorne Road was taped off by the police. I don't know what happened but it's scary. 
  • This happened at about 11.30 pm last night. The guy was on his feet but pretty shaken and I bet he's going to be very sore indeed today. 
  • Lurking suspiciously in the background!
  • The owners of Dinglis are going through a bitter divorce at the moment and have decided to air all their dirty laundry in front of their tenants. We're all receiving letters (from the wife A. Dinglis) one day instructing us to change the bank accoun…
  • What type of housing do the other 93% live in?
  • Yep tried all that, several times. I've just been staring at those flickering green lights praying for them to turn blue, but nowt. Engineer coming on Weds now. That'll be 6 days without broadband (if they manage to fix it).
  • Mine went down on Friday afternoon, and still have no service despite Virgin texting me to say the problem has been fixed. Did anyone have to do anything other than their 'switch it off and on again' advice?
  • FCC changing to Northern at Moorgate is the quickest (when it's working). Changing between Vic and Northern at King's Cross is a nightmare now. You have to walk about 3,000 miles through tunnels to get back to the point where you originally started…
  • Hi Mariano As a fellow Vespa rider I feel your pain, and know from experience that stretch under the bridge is dangerous. Have you put this on twitter? @stroudgreen and @finsbury_park have a good collection of followers between them. You might hav…
  • Well the stock's going in the shop and I've seen them taking pictures, so I don't think it's fake. I for one am overjoyed I'll be able to buy Skeem candles and Tokyo Milk soap on my doorstep. I don't know how I've managed up to now.
  • @mirandola whenever I go down Tollington Park (every day) I never encounter speedy traffic. The frequency of the current speed bumps, the narrowness of the road, traffic lights and pedestrian crossing mean the 20mph speed limit is pretty much enforc…
  • This is a ridiculous suggestion. 'Deter traffic using Tollington Park as a through route'?? Of course it's a 'through route', a very important through route as it happens! (especially if you happen to live on it)! How else do you get from Hornsey Ro…
  • This is the same fox Miss Annie. He's always around Vagabonds and trotting up SGR and Marquis Road at the moment. He's walked into Tesco, The Chippy and has a little sniff inside the White Lion every once in a while.
  • @krappy - The White Lion's open til 12. You could have a nice glass of wine, no snack (last food orders at 10), read your programme, get into a fight and then go home. Perfect evening.
  • I used to work in City North. The company I worked for have now moved out but I think we were told the whole building was due for demolition in April.
  • Also seems to correspond quite nicely with some places where I'd like to see another bomb dropped.
  • Oh that is sad Annie. Have they just told the vet they want her back, or told you? I doubt very much they would have said no when the vet called them. I would speak to the owners and tell them she's very happy in her new home and would they object…
  • Oh, I've never heard him do Octopus's Garden before. He does a cracking rendition of 'Into Dust' by Mazzy Star sometimes when he's a bit down I (no singing, thankfully).
  • Homeless guitar man wasn't burnt alive as I feared when I saw the charred remains of his tent yesterday. I saw him in The Chippy last night. I think his belongings were though. And there was no sign of his dog either.
  • Never seen a rat Miss Annie! I must have seen hundreds. Maybe I hang about in much less salubrious places than you do? (don't reply by saying the White Lion. I've never seen a rat in there. Plenty of mice, but no rats).
  • There have always been rats scampering around the park especially around the boating lake and down by the New River. I'm not sure what Haringey could do about them in such a big open space. I'm terrified of rats so it freaks me out when I see them t…
  • That's very good to know Miss Annie, because with my salary falling, bills increasing and my greedy landlord putting my rent up by £100 a month, that's where I'll be in the not too distant future!
  • I hear Gidea Park is lovely this time of year?