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  • There is a Kurdish New Year festival in the Park at the same time every year for at least the last six, thought it would be safe to imagine that's what it was. Apparently nothing is safe here any longer.
  • Kurdish New Year - late March/early April. It's the second noisiest festival in the Park (after Wireless).
  • Someone should take a printed copy down to Berriman Rd and ask him to sign it!
  • Jolly good, probably for the best.
  • There used to be loads of them about, I miss greasy spoons.
  • Not enough places to drink coffee in N4.
  • It might do, but I think they are for a very small group of people and there is no information on how to get involved. I see Wray Crescent has new raised beds for community gardening.
  • I'm going to ask for money for a community garden/allotments with beehives. Or a wildflower meadow. Actually, I think I might ask for money to pay park keepers.
  • Do you know the book Wilding by Isabella Tree? It's excellent
    in Rewilding Comment by miss annie March 29
  • I lived alongside the Parkland Walk in the late 90s and the ramp was in full swing then. No one ever complained about it as far as I know.
  • @Arkady I am. I'm always seething about something.
  • Agree @Papa L Things I have learned following this discussion - not all Travellers are Irish, Gypsies is a perfectly acceptable word used in conjunction with Romany and no one says Romani. So actually we are all wrong on some points, including the …
  • Ali sometimes uses odd words and peculiar grammar. I think it might be his phone's autocorrect.
  • I would use people for those who live in a trailer park.
  • One of the biggest changes you can make is have fewer children. Fly less, drive less, stop buying hot drinks in single use cups, stop buying water in single use bottles, check your product labels -boycott palm oil. STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS I was ta…
  • I wasn't really seeking permission, it was more of a general enquiry. If they lived on the same site for years are we even allowed to say Travellers? If they don't travel surely it's just a trailer park?
  • As discussed, coffee costs about 4p a cup to produce. Let's say 30p inc. someone's time to make it. Even factoring in business overheads there's a hefty profit there and you can operate from a small premises with minimal staff. Business rates kill…
    in Deli Wars Comment by miss annie March 20
  • Try Stroud Green Market on a Sunday for great deli food.
    in Deli Wars Comment by miss annie March 19
  • Not true about the trees. The report specifically lists all 21 trees that were there, and their condition. Not one was in bad condition and all were suitable street trees - Turkish Hazel, Crab Apple, Maple, all the kind of trees that go into streets…
  • I wasn't being crass, I was being either charitable or sarcastic. I forget which. I am sorry, I know you and Kate were pals.
  • SG looks a bit more like it used to now. I did wonder how many of those delis would last - they were always empty. It's always interesting how many people are sad about a place closing when they never actually shop or eat there. We do have a whole …
    in Deli Wars Comment by miss annie March 19
  • The planning application number was P100197. You'll see that the building was supposed to have included gallery and exhibition space as an asset to the community. You'll also see that John Jones built and own the large student housing building on th…
  • Heard this from someone when it happened. I never really fell for the Jones' "ever so 'umble" local business shtick.
  • Binary indeed. Haven't heard womoan before, is that your own invention? Is man flu still acceptable or is it just a cold again now? I work with a lot of younger folk, a few of whom identify as non gender, and one Trans person so have got used to th…
  • I imagine we are almost all on Twitter, we see this info ourselves. Just posting links to other sites makes the forum a dull place (in my personal opinion).
  • I wouldn't say they are a speciality of men. Personally I've never had a woman explain my own thoughts or life to me in a similar way but as it's put a bat up so many people's nightdresses I assume that others have. The example to which I responded…
  • Yep. Still mansplaining (I think), it's more about context than gender.
  • For the love of God. You are choosing to completely ignore, and then mansplain back to them, someone's own experience of the extremes as if they are one anomaly in an ocean of 30 somethings trying to hold on to how cool they felt at university. Yes…
  • This sounds interesting. Will book!
  • @krappyrubsnif that is comical. I walk past that station at least twice a day, often late at night. There is always open drug use, the BTP ignore it. They crack down on the prostitution. I would happily see that legalized.