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  • @joust , it's a wilful ABuse of the park! Except for the obvious commercial interest, what's so special about "Large groups coming together"? Is it some sort of primitive tribal instinct, or a pathetically juvenile fuzzy feeling of togetherness? Is…
  • Well, @joust , everyone you talk to is entitled to what they think, of course, and sometimes it's downright cruel to divest people of their fantasies. But whether the people you talk to be from Angel, Greater London, Kent, or Yorkshire (how terribly…
  • @Ali, you seem to be claiming that by virtue of being near central London, that we are indeed IN central London. The parallel I was drawing was simply (although, clearly not simple enough) that just as Liverpool isn't Manchester even though (as citi…
  • Yes, Oxford Circus is "pretty central". So what? Finsbury Park is several miles away, so it isn't pretty central, is it? Liverpool isn't far from Manchester. That doesn't make Liverpool Manchester, though.
  • I don't see where the age, race, or inside-leg measurements of the perpetrators comes into it; the noise nuisance (and accompanying nuisances) is just the same. By all means blame it on the council and the organisers for legitimising and promoting i…
  • (Yes, ban ALL fun... that’s to be had at the expense of others’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes, gardens, parks, and neighbourhoods.)
  • Free, and no doubt worth every penny. This concept of “fun”—a silly sounding word, if ever there was—is un-British, and, following up after syphilis, is a cheap-and-nasty import from the Americas; The thin end of the unpleasant wedge which widens in…
  • Boo to nuisance noise.
    in Bonfire Comment by Scruffy July 1
  • I'm told Rocky did the same thing last Wednesday, and I can hear him up there again this morning.
  • Cat was finally rescued around 3.40 this afternoon.
  • Update: Managed to contact another neighbour on Osborne Rd. Rescue attempts are being made, so I didn't call the RSPCA.
  • Well, fair’s fair! After all, humans kill more pigs than any other species does. Best not to let on to our porcine cousins about that, though, in case they don’t already know it. There could be trouble.
  • That’s right, @miss annie , not much point in you responding, as judging what you’ve said so far, your comment would be just as vacuous as no comment at all. You can expect from carefully reading our comments that I’ve formed a torchlit mob outside …
  • That's an unusually specious comparison by you, @krappyrubsnif (I'll bet more humans are killed by dogs than by three-wheeled ice cream vans or albino polar bears in the Caribbean—yet the price of fish is not directly affected). Nonetheless, from …
  • "full kit wanker" @HolbornFox ? Is that a typo or a species as yet unknown to me? I too run, cycle, and walk (imaginary cat walker) on the Parkland Walk, but I think it's reasonable to categorise me as a runner when I'm running, a cyclist while I'm…
  • Ah, yes. Finsbury Cycles was the one I was recommending on (185) Seven Sisters Rd.
  • Advice from the RSPCA from the link posted by @oddbod : “If your dog is attacked by another dog, the incident should still be reported to the police immediately.”
  • Surely it IS a matter for the police? Dog owners are liable for actions of their dogs (I'm glad to say, the same isn't true for cat owners!) That's certainly true for property damage, so I can't see how that doesn't apply to other people's animals. …
  • I’ve found N4 bikes to be good. They’re at the Stapleton Hall Rd end of Ferme Pk Rd. Small independent. There’s also a good shop on Seven Sisters Road, less than 5mins walk from Finsbury Pk Tube, going towards Holloway (with the archetypal wizened o…
  • @therattle You might take up more room, but wheeling your bike you’ll have far less momentum and better balance than if you were cycling at low speed. Plus, you’d be going at about the same speed as other pedestrians. All in all, you’d be much less…
  • That’s fine for the Parkland Walk, but the bridge is narrow, and because it’s flat, you can’t always hear a bike coming up behind you. Also, cyclists tend to try to accelerate up the rising gradient into the park, which has blind spots on either sid…
  • Such as an MP who lives in a bungalow claimimg expenses for a stair lift? I'm sure it could never happen.
    in Stair Gate Comment by Scruffy June 24
  • It doesn't inspire confidence in Haringey when they can't even get their basic terms correct. There is no "Finsbury Park Entrance" (obviously, every entrance to the park could be called such!), but there is a "Finsbury Gate", i.e., the gate you woul…
  • Surely Trump himself is a decoy? I mean he can't REALLY be the president of the US, can he?
    in Helicopters! Comment by Scruffy June 5
  • Three of them looked like Chinooks (they had tandem rotors), but no, not as impressive as the Ospreys. But why were the noisy buggers spending so much time over Finsbury Park?
    in Helicopters! Comment by Scruffy June 5
  • “There have been no enquiries at this stage and police enquiries continue.” —More first-rate writing in the Gazette. It seems they don’t even have an editor.
  • How is this news, @Papa ? Seems like old history about which there’s nothing to be done. Did I miss something?
  • A text??? What makes you think it’s genuine?
  • (Gosling line?)
    in Train Geeks Comment by Scruffy June 1