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  • Watch it, matey! I'm a pillock of wisdom! I wasn't quoting you, @Papa , but I can see how it seems I was, the sense of which I happily retract. I was associating the term with your own words (in quotes) to refer to the general tenor of one side of …
  • @Papa L , can you really not distinguish between name-calling and characterisation? I don't take offence to any of this, but nor do I care whether you or anyone else thinks questioning the language applied to a particular group or community is PC n…
  • Thanks, @Arkady . I would have looked more into their site if it didn't require signing up with them, which alone is enough to put me right off. I see it had been discussed here a couple of years ago before I joined this site. Seems people were just…
  • "Coming to the UK"? Not only is it not local, but it's foreign to boot! I'll bet it's one of those American psychopathic corporations, wanting us to eat their poulet au chlore, washed down with hormone-laced milk, medieval Christianity, semi-automat…
  • The Mexican restaurant near Tesco? I see, but not completely: What does the bit about "Pansvision" mean?
  • No idea what you're talking about, squire. Would you elaborate, please?
  • Now you're just being stingy, @therattle ! One third pints all round? That's @grinandbeerit 's equivalent of buying everyone a half!
  • (And should he ever return, I hope it'll be with just one "p" in his moniker.)
  • While I wouldn’t agree with @cmo declaring what people are “not allowed to say” (on whose authority?), @krappyrubsnif does seem (I’m using third person here, as he may well have left this forum by now) to have prejudged that at least some the people…
  • It’s always PC nonsense when people are challenged to think about the words they’re using. Roma, just like Romany, is an ethnic term and so hardly applies to every community of travelling people.
  • So if "it's just a trailer park", @miss annie , with which epithet would you tar the residents in order to summarily denigrate them?
  • @Ali , are you suggesting that "Lawrence Singha, Victoria Road" is a fiction engineered to have us believe that this has a genuine local representative??? Trusting soul that I am, I can't believe that any reputable company would oper…
  • @TheRattle , if, indeed, that is what is meant, I hereby award you and grinandbeerit imaginary honorary degrees in the bleedin’ obvious. “The time of reservation” might just as well mean the time the reservation is made, as opposed to the time actu…
  • “Beer must be available on tap at time of reservation.”—what does that mean?
  • Two thirds of a pint?
  • The last time I was passing (a week or so ago), it looked like that naff "bistro" in Croix-Chiens, in the old Electricity Board building, had failed too.
    in Deli Wars Comment by Scruffy March 20
  • It is sad to see Vittorio's go (it was obvious how he was reducing his stock so drastically over the past few months), and surprising that it didn't do well, considering the general interest in Italian food and (what seems to me) the significant pop…
    in Deli Wars Comment by Scruffy March 19
  • Tut! So the cats didn't swing it?
  • In the interests of full disclosure, I should add that I invented the armpit merkin, two of which I wear to this day.
  • Just to help your contextual orientation, @tosscat , I'll have you know I'm a stateless, mixed-race, albino, part-time lesbian amputee brothel-keeping reformed Jew for Jesus, with shares in Tesco, an honourary doctorate in an indeterminate field of …
  • @LilyPink , please let us know how this plays out in the end.
  • Papa L, it's extrapolating in the sense that any such language, whether mild or extremely offensive, is aimed at a specific group of the population as a generalisation, so I went to the more extreme examples. The c*** comment was meant in the same v…
  • "Man flu" was never acceptable. A man with 'flu just has the same flu a woman would have. Similarly, a common cold, just like common ignorance, blights both genders.
  • A nice illustration, @tosscat . I'm not upset by the use of "mansplaining", @miss annie , just irritated by it, as this sort of sexist language denigrating men seems to be accepted where a similarly insulting term applied to women (such as "womoan")…
  • I appreciate such postings, especially as I'm not on Twitter.
  • @Papa L , rather than escalating or conflating, I was extrapolating just to expose the mechanism of your "thicker skins" comment. There was no accusation. The use of "Mansplaining" is not innocuous; it's corrosively sexist and denigrating in that i…
  • Indeed you’re right, @Papa L , and apologies to @Ali , I got your names mixed up.
  • (Edit: This comment was supposed to be addressed to PapaL, not Ali. Apologies for any confusion). “Femeandering”! My word, you are a card, @Ali , and no mistake! “Thicker skins” my arse! If sexist language is all right, let’s be humourous with rac…
  • (Off-topic, hence parentheses: “More about context than gender”? So women can “mansplain” too? The term “mansplain” is as poorly-conceived as any other assertion of sexist generalisations.)
  • What you say may well be true, @Arkady , but I was merely questioning the assertion that the difficulties and expense of enforcement should have any bearing on whether something is illegal.