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<b>Welcome to Stroudgreen.org!</b><br> <br> This is a ‘hyper-local forum’ for the Stroud Green area of North London. Stroud Green lies ‘between Finsbury Park and Crouch End’. It is divided between the Boroughs of Islington and Haringey (the boundary runs right down the middle of the Stroud Green Road). <br> <br>Discussing Stroud Green’s borders makes for an endlessly fascinating/utterly tedious discussion. We once asked you where you live, and <a href="http://batchgeo.com/map/stroudgreensurvey" style="font-weight: normal;">this is what you told us</a>. Others have suggested that ‘Stroud Green is a state of mind’, and that works too. <br> <br><b>Registering</b><br><br>If you have any difficulties registering at Stroudgreen.org please send an email to <a href="stroudgreen@gmail.com" style="font-weight: normal;">stroudgreen@gmail.com</a><br><br><b>Gameplay</b><br> <br>This is a place for discussing whatever you like, as long as you follow our only rule: Be excellent to one another. It is a <a href="http://trevorhultner.com/safe-space-policy/" style="font-weight: normal;">safe space</a>. That means being nice rather than rude, friendly rather than aggressive, playing the ball rather than the man, living by the Golden Rule. If you don’t feel that you can disagree with someone without being rude or personal then this is not the place for you.<br> <br><span style="font-weight: bold;">**Avatars**</span><div><b><br></b><div style="font-weight: normal;">If you would like to personalise the image that appears next to your screen name, you have two options:<br>Option 1) Register at <a href="http://en.gravatar.com/">gravatar.com</a> using the same email address that you registered at Stroudgreen.org. This has the advantage on working on many forums across the internet, not just this one!</div><div style="font-weight: normal;">Option 2) Click on your default avatar. You will see a large version of it appears on the right hand side, below a link reading 'Change Picture'. Clicking on this allows you to upload an image of your choice.</div><div style="font-weight: normal;"><br></div><div style="font-weight: normal;"><b>Social media</b><br> <br>We have a Twitter account: @stroudgreen <br>Some people also use the hashtag #stroudgreen<br>If you use that hashtag with an Instagram image it will appear in the gallery at the top of our main page.<br> <br><b>Posting Images</b><br> <br>You will need a link for your picture, e.g. http://www.website.com/image.jpg<br>The link needs to include the ‘.jpg’ bit on the end or it won’t work. Some image-hosting sites, especially Flickr, make it really hard to find that version of the link. Sorry.<br>Use the ‘Insert Image’ button on the right hand side of the comment toolbar (just above the window that you type into).<br>Let us know if you get stuck.<br> <br><b>Contact Us</b><br> <br>Your friendly moderators can be contacted at stroudgreen@gmail.com</div></div>


  • Hi Arkady.
    I am using Mac OS and can find no editing tools for the comment box. Specifically I would like to add photos. I followed your advice above but it did not work. Can you advise?
  • Mmm yeah that's all out of date. We lost a lot of functionality with the last upgrade. You can link to a picture, but people will need to click through to it rather than it appearing on the site. Twitter links do appear though!

    At some point soon I'm going to do a full site upgrade which should fix these things. Might need to do a crowdfunder first so I can pay my techy mate with beer. Alternatively if there are volunteers who know about that sort of thing then maybe we can sit in a pub some time and mess around under the site's hood.
  • @Arkady. Thanks for the update. Phew ... pleased it is not me, my ‘puter, my software, my browser ....
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    @Arkady what is the site run on? It is possible that I could get my techs partner to help out if he has spare time. It’s also slightly possible that I could help out, personally, though I’m more on the human side of computers...
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Techy partner, that is.
  • The platform is Vanilla. I suspect that ought to change though, I think there are easier to manage ones out there now, and the various modules which used to add functionality mostly just break the site these days!
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Hmm okay. I’m very much a beginner when it comes to CMS, but checked with my partner. He said he isn’t familiar with Vanilla but agrees it might be time to switch. He says his go-to is Discourse.
  • Thanks for the tip, I'll do some research. I'm rather hoping that there's a plug-and-play system these days, with modules that you can trust to work.
  • I am a bit worried that transferring platforms would mean we lost all the site's posting history.
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