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Loving home wanted for adorable 4year old cat

edited August 2014 in Classifieds
I am emigrating to Costa Rica in November and after much deliberation, and with a broken heart I have decided that Sookie (cat!) would not do well being put on a 16h flight. I think finding a loving and caring new home is the right thing to do for her. She is 4, healthy, neutered and microchipped. She's black with a white chest, little white socks on her paws and a little white wonky mustache! She is an indoor cat and fully house trained. She's quite a nervous little thing but very entertaining! She is very playful and plays fetch like a dog! She has a very sweet nature but not the biggest fan of being petted although she definitely has her moments! Strangely she likes me to stroke her whilst she is eating - she gets very vocal and affectionate in the kitchen!! As previously mentioned, she is rather nervous but once she gets to know you (or visitors etc) she loves to show off, is very very funny and can be quite the little madam!! I am absolutely devastated to be parting from her and if I could teletransport her to Costa Rica I would do so in a heartbeat. Hoping that one of you lovely people out there reading this will have room in your lives to adopt a special little character.


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