Local artist studio spaces?

I'm a video installation artist looking for studio space closer to my home in Stroud Green - I currently rent a studio in Hoxton, but it's closing down this winter, and my kids start school in September, so I'd like to be more local.<div><br><div>Does anyone know of artists' studios near here, or know of private spaces that might be to let for use as a studio?</div><div>I'm also looking for other local artists who might be interested in sharing a larger space with me.</div><div>My work is currently very clean and fairly quiet, and I need about 100sq ft of space for myself and my equipment. </div><div>I can't really afford to pay more than £300/month, and ideally it would be closer to £200.</div><div><br></div><div>I've checked out Arbeit studios above the 99p store in Archway, and Belgravia workshops on Marlborough Road N19. Arbeit was a bit dark and depressing, as well as expensive, whereas Belgravia seemed lovely, but even more expensive because it's a commercial space and so VAT has to be added to the rent (though I'm looking at spaces small enough that business rates don't apply). </div><div>I know there is a studio block by the Parkland Walk entrance to Finsbury Park, too, but I can't find any more info about it.</div><div><br></div><div>Must confess that I've been spoilt by renting from an educational charity who subsidised rent and took business rates and VAT out of the equation, so everything now looks pretty pricey.</div><div><br></div><div>Any leads, ideas, suggestions etc would be much appreciated.</div></div><div>Thanks v much, Sarah</div>


  • The studios by parkland walk are owned by the artists working there, they bought the building at least 20 years ago as far am I am aware. Units such as Belgravia workshops are extraordinarily expensive...painter friend of mine found space in a local primary school in return for doing projects with the kids... 
  • Thanks v much AtomGallery - appreciate your input.
  • There might be some space a bit further north along Hornsey Road - where Clever Mike is. 
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