What are the issues with the current Finsbury Park area? (Collecting data for a level coursework)

Hi, I am collecting data for a piece of A level Geography coursework on the up and coming Finsbury Park regeneration scheme, and as residents of Stroud Green/ the otherwise local area it would be really valuable to see what you think the current issues are with the area of the station and its surrounding streets (disregarding the building work). This is to compare the issues identified by the council with those felt by the residents.

(From the research I've done, it seems like Islington Council is aiming at making Wells terrace and surrounding streets less congested, and dealing with the narrow pavements and busy crossroads on a small section of Seven Sister's road near to the station, but my research is incomplete so it would be more valuable just to hear your opinions of the issues in the area.) Thanks!


  • Also, previous discussions have highlighted homogenization as a concern, do you think this is an ongoing problem?
  • You may find this useful: http://finsburyparkstroudgreen.com/

    Might be worth you asking for a chat with the Chair.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Begging and homelessness. Particularly up Stroud Green Road and around the railway tube station.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Trash, begging, and homelessness
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  • I think the way the public transport is set up - with two separate bus stations, one of which isn't even reachable by the tube any more, and three bus lines terminating in the same place - creates a a weird disjoint and delays lots of journeys. I realise buses can't go on towards H&I from SGR, but sometimes I wonder why, or why there isn't one line that goes around via Tollington Park or Fonthill Road or something. A lot of the congestion is created by people who're not actually going there but just changing transport means.
  • Crime; begging; dossing under the railway bridge; dumped rubbish; pigeons; poor street cleaning; buskers; traffic congestion on SGR; litter; dirty and poorly maintained shop fronts on Seven Sisters Road; people with beards; idiot pedestrians walking along the cycle lane on SGR; "adults" cycling on the pavement; pedestrians completely unaware of their surroundings because they're wearing earphones and reading their phone screens, making themselves a hazard to themselves and other road users; ineffective pedestrian "lane" markings on the SGR pavement (the idea is good, but it's poorly executed, so it's not surprising that people ignore the markings); pigeons with beards; people stopping to fuck about with their phones right in front of station entrances; people who shave their armpits; passengers not queueing for buses; motorists speeding through or not stopping for pedestrians at the zebra crossing on SGR; pedestrians treating the perimeter road in the park as a footpath; the carwash on SGR still parking customers' cars on the pavement, thus causing pedestrians to walk into the cycle lane; cycling on the footpaths in the park (it seems to be allowed, which is just stupid; completely unnecessary for cyclists, and diminishing the ambience for walkers); and the general impression that we have a population, whose urban sensibilities seem appropriate to a disordered third world region in the 1970s.

    What sort of homogenisation are we supposed to be worried about? Demographically, we seem more diverse than ever. The only thing that seems to be getting homogenised is the doltish carelessness of people who use the station area.
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