Poetry Group: Rimbaud & a taste of Verlaine Tues 8.00pm @ Le Lion Blanc

1. 1871 Le Dormeur Du Val/The Sleeper in the Valley


2. 1871 Le Bateau Ivre/The Drunken Boat


3. 1873 Une Saison En Enfer/A Season in Hell


a) Mauvais Sang /Bad Blood

b) Delires 1/ Ravings 1( La Verge Folle /The Foolish Virgin

c) Matin/Morning and Adieu/Goodbye

4.1872-1874 Les Illuminations


a) Apres Le Deluge/After the flood

b) Conte/Tale

c) Villes /Cities

d) Democracy

4. Verlaine 1844-96 (pdfs to follow)


a) 1874 “It Rains in my heart” in Arriettes oublies III

b) 1883 “Langeur/Languor”- in Jadis et Naguère

c) 1888 “Sleeping Beauty Dreams” -in Amour Lucien Letinois X1

Hope to see you a Le Lion Blanc at 8.00pm on Tues!


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