Wanted- English tutor/English lessons for Beginner

Hello, my mother will be visiting from France for a week in May and is interested in a week of English lessons either in a Group or with a private Tutor. Any local recommendations ? She is a Beginner though knows some basics. Thanks !


  • Hi. Did you find someone for this?
  • Hi Okami - let us know if you have found anyone for this otherwise I'm happy to help. I'm french and I've been living in the UK for about 14 years and I'm an editor in the English language. I'm a freelance copy editor and proofreader nave recently started giving English lessons to French citizens looking to relocate to England. Thanks
  • Hi there.
    I would also be very happy to help.
    Have 15 years of teaching experience.
    Worked for Linguarama for many years teaching English to business people.
    I have a basic grasp of French but we would converse in English.
    Please send me a private message if you would like to communicate via telephone.
    Would be happy to meet this week to discuss.

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