cleaner needed please

I live in stroud green and need a cleaner who will clean, do some ironing and change bed linen. Does anyone know a good cleaner who would be up for that? Would be grateful for leads. Thanks


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    Are you an Airbnb place? There is a local place that supplies cleaners for that, can't remember the name sorry.
  • Hi we know an excellent cleaner named Rosi who is looking for extra work in Stroud Green. 07459 751145
  • Hi @GGeoch I am looking for an excellent cleaner in the area. The number for Rosi does not work, do you have another contact? He/she would need to do everything from washing floors, hoovering, dusting throughout the 3 bedroom house. Looking for bi-weekly, 3 x hours per time. Thank you!
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    My excellent, reliable cleaner of many years standing - Cleide - is looking for a couple of extra jobs around SG. PM me for her contact details.
  • Hi @gardener-joe I’d be really grateful for Cleide’s number if you think she’s still interested in finding another job in Stroud Green. We’ve recently moved in and are keen to find someone who can help us keep our flat clean and tidy, and prefer to pay someone direct rather than going via an agency and not knowing how much of the rates are passed on to the people doing the work..I can’t see how to PM, but very happy if you can send me details away from this public page. Thank you
  • @KateMck For PMs you click on the member's name then on the Message box on the right.
  • Hi.. Are you looking for your office cleaning? Township Building Services offers plenty of cleaning services such Office building cleaning services, Medical building cleaning services, Janitorial Services and much more.
  • Hi. I'm in Crouch End and am also looking for a recommendation for a cleaner (2-bed flat, weekly cleaning for 3 hours). Is £40 about the right amount? I tried to direct message Gardener-Joe, but or some reason it doesn't seem to work (it keeps asking me to sign in, but I am already signed in). If anyone has a recommendation, please could you try direct messaging me, or let me know here? I appreciate any help!


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