Hi all,

I'm a writer, curator and Stroud Green-er, and I'm organising an upcoming exhibition and symposium in nearby Highgate which I thought might be of interest to some locals!

Set in the beautiful restored glasshouses at OmVed Gardens, Rewind/Rewild is an exhibition of contemporary art exploring the ecological implications of rewilding and the broader possibilities for rewilding human lives.
If you're unfamiliar with the term, 'rewilding' is a radical conservation practice that involves humans taking a step back and allowing nature to take care of itself.
The exhibition is on 1-7 May 2019, and is free to visit.

We're also organising a rewilding forum on Sat 4 May, which brings together experts and the wider public for a day of debate around ecological awareness, human re-involvement in natural processes, ways of living within healthy ecosystems and the role of science, art and architecture in protecting and restoring our ecosystems. Expect talks on rewilding in practice, environmental aesthetics, ecofeminism, natural networks, urban biodiversity, interspecies collaborations, rewilding architecture, and more!
See the full programme here:

I can testify that it's a lovely walk up to Highgate along the Parkland Walk!


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