Missing Cat in N19/ now home!! Thanks everyone!!

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My cat Charlie has gone missing if people can check sheds and gardens please? especially in the crouch hill/ trinder road area. Thanks.

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  • I'll keep an eye out
  • Does anyone have a way of contacting someone at Lightfoot Windows? they have been all locked up last couple of days. I have tried phoning the number that comes up on google maps but no answer. It's a very long yard with so many sheds and out garden backs onto it.
  • oh no! just found a blog post saying they closed the business at the end of july
  • @elski Hi,

    We spoke yesterday and I sent a text message to Lightfoot Windows. They’ve not seen your cat. Sorry.
  • ok thanks. have they actually been there then? there hasn't been any sign of anyone.
  • Ive posted it on facebook Crouch End Cat Appreciation Society. Hopefully someone responds.
  • Thanks @namo91 , I'm trying everything at the moment. This heavy rain is worrying me more as she is too shy and timid to be with anyone. (she even runs away from people in my house)
  • I totally get you, same thing happened to mine once and he was sheltering from the rain. But we will stay positive. And ill ask around and check myself.
  • @elski Yes, there’s somebody in Lightfoot now, I can see the lights are on behind my house.
  • @poxy as in lights on in the yard? Because the lights in the office have been on permanently since I started looking on Tuesday night. I have been knocking with no reply and I looked through a gap in the blinds and there is noone in there. I have had no reports of any sightings so I don't think she got out to the street. If there has been no one working there the last couple of months it would have become a much more attractive place for her to go investigate. There is only there and the railway bank that I think she could be and I think I will be arrested if I try walking off the end of the platform and under the bridge. I have been looking on Google earth and there are loads of places she could be in that yard.
  • @elski I’ve sent you a DM. Check yr inbox.
  • Thanks for your help @poxy I have just prepared a whole pile more posters and leaflets. I am going to do a wider circle of nearby streets. Another theory we have is that she was chased by either a fox or cat and got so scared she ran right out of her known area.
  • We are still looking for Charlie. We still think she is trapped somewhere nearby. Felt certain we could hear meowing to my calls yesterday but could not locate where they were coming from. Could people in Trinder rd please please search back gardens and yards. Getting very concerned that she could not have survived all this horrible weather.
  • No :(

    I have tried everything. Even used a drone to check some of the inaccessible areas and still no luck. Would still like to check the back area of lightfoot windows. There are all sorts of things back there she could be stuck in, old cars, pallets etc.

    Also a lady from the Islington Tribune got in touch there should be a little article go out in it. A different way to spread the word.

    I have more posters to put up in a wider circle of streets.
  • I'm still looking for Charlie (missing since 15/10/19). I have had two possible siting from last Thursday night. Outside Crouch Hill Supermarket and in Hornsey Rise Gardens. This is a long way from local territory and Hornsey Rise Gardens there is no direct route home. If people can still keep an eye out please? It's getting so cold and she may have gone even further in wrong direction since Thursday.
  • Theres a good chance that someone found him and has taken him in. It seems to happen a lot. I often hear stories of people getting a new cat that just turned up and seemed hungry, feeding it, and it staying with them.

  • Happens all the time. I guess you've done all the usual stuff - putting the litter tray outside so they can pick up thd scent etc.
  • Yes but she is incredibly timid. Even in our house runs away from certain people living here. But I do hope she has found food and shelter. There's no knowing if those sightings were her. One lady on Hornsey Rise Gardens says she has a cat with same description which they have mistaken her for.
  • Hi @elski Not sure if this cat has been found but I saw a poster this morning on the Andover estate and it looks exactly like the same cat! How can I send you a picture of the poster? Thanks
  • Hi @elizabeths no she hasn't been found. I have sent you a message, I hope I have done it right. Otherwise my contact details are in the link in the first post.
  • Or maybe not, have posted details so many places I lose track. I did give give a poster to Zasman vets when she first went missing. I hadn't put posters up that far away.
  • So new update is she was found and was in the Andover Estate area but she escaped from them at 2am on Monday morning
  • Does she have a chip so that someone can contact you if they find her? That's quite a long way for a female cat to roam
  • No. She's 16 years old, so no chip.
  • She's home! Spent all night putting more posters up on Hornsey Road and on the Andover Estate. I got home about 20 past midnight and got a call that she had returned to the people that had previously found her.
  • This is amazing. I've been following closely. So, did someone put up posters in Andover saying they'd found a cat!?
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    Great news!
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