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Manor House Hackney Hot Healthy - Food in need Covid-19 from Gaidoc

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share this post with people of Stroud Green.

Manor House Hackney Hot Healthy - Food for those that need it under Covid-19 from Gaiadoc
Its critical for people to have a good diet in their communities and beyond during this deadly virus outbreak. We seek to reach out to marginalised members of society and founded on values of equality and our ethos aspires to address the social conditions of people in their vicinity by showing practical love. The Gaiadoc kitchen is run by local people for local people and in close communication with those that most need support.
To help financially, please just click Contribute Today button. Please also join and share our facebook page as this is a more suitable media on which to manage this project.
This is an open house, ad hoc, invitation to vulnerable and needy people to come and have a hot healthy, home-cooked meal on Wednesdays (to start) and ad hoc basis. We want to provide a main meal, desert and refreshment. It takes just £1.25 to prepare a meal for each person, so please donate or share our Crowdfunding page. At present we have run out of funds that we never had and want to do between 40 and 150 meals next week.
We will accept food donations and a list of the ingredients for this week are listed below. But the safest way to do this is to donate funds, allowing us to shop for the ingredients to ensure continuity of safety measures. We are also creating a contact list so please let us have your email and phone contact together with a short explanation on how you feel you can support us.
Last weeks free hot food takeaway table handout was a great success. Any excess funds we raise will go into the Gaiadoc fund for a post crisis sustainable future. We ask anyone coming to observe safety measures such as 2 metre distancing and no inter person direct contact.
I have two big paradoxical concerns, that we prepare food and no-one comes or that we have too many people and not enough food. I am trying to manage that by slowly talking to different sections of the community that I know are in need. I got it right last week but we will have to see how it goes, I prefer to have too much and then work out how to distribute. So this week an aim of 60 meals would be good for Wednesday and then some food for daily distribution.
We encourage people to collect a takeaway meal for any elderly residents or others who they know have not had adequate access to good hot healthy food and cannot travel. Please see facebook page for details of the meals and ingredients we need to find, we aim to try and feed between 40 and 150 people.

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