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Compostable poop bags

Hi all,
Shameless local business plug :)

My wife and I set up a compostable poop bag business in Stroud Green recently and want to make all our neighbours who own dogs aware. They are 100% compostable, extra thick, extra and large and leak proof. After walking up and down parklands Walk we realised so many people were using bags that do not compost, meaning all the plastic from our dog's poop was polluting the environment and adding to the plastic problems in our waterway. with the increase in dog ownership, this problem would only get worse except if everyone starts using compostable bags like ours. We've tried to keep the cost down by offering an extra 2 rolls (30 bags) that's the nearest competitor. We are reaching out to all neighbours in Stroud Green and surrounding areas to support a local business instead of going to Amazon for your bags. We are also hand-delivering them to the neighbours to lower the impact of using mail :).

Please visit our site - or email us at to order.

Luke & Molly
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