Crouch Hill Pantry

Just popped into the newly opened Crouch Hill Pantry, (opposite the old dairy) nice staff, quite a big space which they are expanding into and developing now they are open. Looks promising.

Their IG is @crouchhillpantry

My hairdresser also mentioned a rumour of a new Japenese supermarket opening by the organic shop, former letting office, again crouch hill side...


  • I don’t get out much, so I’ve yet to investigate it, but what is it exactly? A grocer’s or a restaurant?
  • Lots of organic stuff, but not all. Great refill stations to cut down on plastic for washing up liquids, vinegars, rice and grains etc. Some very nice carpentry holding up an interesting wine selection. And yes, very friendly staff who want to hear what locals would like to see stocked. Definitely worth a look.
  • lovely people, local too, In CH Pantry.

    The Japanese/pan-asian (hard to see through the windows )is next to urban native and butlers.
  • These guys are really lovely!
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    The supermarket is great and has a good mix of genuine Asian fair and more western oriented Asian products - all good quality.

    Reminded us to go to Tonkotsu at lunch.

    Can't recommend that place enough. The owner is very welcoming, space has a great feel, music is great and ofc the ramen is second to none.

    Please have a visit, even if it's your first time having ramen - great for a start to the night out, or a quick lunch too!
  • The Pantry is fantastic and the people who work there are are extremely friendly and solicitous. A wide selection of drink as well.
  • First thing I noticed how friendly and helpful the guy is, plus young woman working he till. They deserve to succeed, will go back
  • Crouch End Pantry now our local grocery store. Owner (Sinan) super helpful and really keen to understand what us Stroud Greeners want and need. Great addition (along with Plan B - Crouch Hill Station House) to the northern stretch of SG.
  • nice selection of beers :)
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