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Vaccination for 17 year olds?

As you all know, the official version is that you have to be 18, but some 17 year olds have definitely got jabs at walk-in no appointment clinics; it seems that this is being done unofficially, but widely, and is a borough-by-borough policy; apparently easier in Brent... As our 17 year old is anxious, we are anxious to get him vaccinated sooner if possible, if anyone has any tips about anywhere in Islington or Haringey that is open to vaccinating under 18s we'd be really grateful for any info


  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    My view is that a healthy 17 year old has effectively a statistical zero chance of getting very ill. I'd be worried about an unnecessary vaccine where there are no long term studies on its potential adverse effects. It should only be taken by people who have made a decision for themselves in my view. Sorry that's my unhelpful view. Maybe that's why it's not been rolled out for the very young.
  • I understand your point, but the kids in this age cohort that we know are actually very anxious to get vaccinated: they understand that the escalation of cases among teens is a major public health issue, and are also hugely frustrated about being unlikely to be able to travel - all very well for politicians to advocate staycations, but UK options overcrowded and unaffordable.
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