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Next Week at Karamel...


Collage Kids returns with Usifu Jalloh (The Cowfoot Prince) and the Summer of Music continues with Miguel Muziq & Unknown to Known…

Thursday 5th August at 8pm
Migul Muziq – Live at Karamel

Performing a special set with guest musicians, Miguel Muziq will be bringing a melting pot of Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Bossa Nova rhythms with Mediterranean melodies to Karamel, and we can’t wait!

Miguel Muziq (lead guitar)
Jansen Santana (drums/percussion)
Lewis Daniel (Saxophone)
Manuel Alejandro Tellez (Bass)
Junior Nascimento (Trumpet)
Ollie Barwell (Rhythm Guitar)

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
All welcome - £10 admission
Further info / Book Tickets here

Saturday 7th August at 11.30am
Collage Kids
Usifu Jalloh (The Cowfoot Prince) - Sierra Leone tales

We are excited to introduce a new storyteller at Collage Kids, Usifu Jalloh (The Cowfoot Prince), who will take to the Karamel stage with Sierra Leone tales…...

Usifu Jalloh is a highly experienced, talented award-winning performer and educator who has been working in arts education for over 20 years. His roots in multicultural Sierra Leone, and his long standing and close association with artists and audiences from a wide range of cultures, have lead him to develop a storytelling style which encompasses international languages, music, dance and story themes.

Collage Kids is a bi-monthly fun packed performance event for early years children (suggested age range up to 6 years) and their families. It is a relaxed performance in the Karamel restaurant space. The performance is FREE we just ask for whatever you can donate into our tip jar.

Collage Kids

Saturday mornings at 11.30am in Karamel.
Kids shows are on 7 August, followed by 18 September, 2 October, 16 October, 30 October, 13 November, 27 November, 11 December 2021.

Family friendly and all welcome – Free admission
Please RSVP in advance

Saturday 7th August at 8pm
Unknown to Known

A new quartet offering an intimate dialogue of meandering melodies and textural grooves over harmonic landscapes reminiscent of the eastern world. At times euphoric and often dynamic, this music is always interactive, honest, and raw.

Idris Rahman (Sax, Clarinet)
Tamar Osborn (Sax)
Jihad Darwish (Bass, Sitar)
Yusuf Ahmed (Drums)

Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm
All welcome - £10 admission
Further info / Book Tickets here

This week at Karamel..

Gaetano Di Giacomo - Migration Project
Thursday 29th July at 8pm
All welcome - £10 admission
Book Tickets here

The Rio Trio
Friday 30th July at 8pm
All welcome - £10 admission
Book Tickets here
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