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Next Week at Karamel...

The Summer of Live Music continues with Jay Phelps OST….

Jay Phelps and SoulEndvr are delighted to share with you a signature event 'OST' (Original Soundtrack). We will show short films and have a live band improvise a set throughout, like a pit band for a theatre, but super engaging! We usually have the who's who of the London Jazz scene take part in this very unique event, which tends to end with a Jam session full of live energy and incredible sounds.

Jay Phelps trumpet
Rick Simpson keys
Menelik Claffey bass
Myele Manzanza drums

Doors open at 7pm, and music starts at 8pm.

Karamel has a full fresh air ventilation system installed. A limited number of seats are available due to current social distancing restrictions. Please book a ticket in advance…

Jay Phelps OST
Thursday 12th August at 8pm
All welcome - £10 admission
Karamel London, N22
Book Tickets here

**This Week Live at Karamel**

Thursday 5th August at 8pm
Migul Muziq – Live at Karamel

Performing a special set with guest musicians, Miguel Muziq will be bringing a melting pot of Latin Jazz, Afro-Cuban and Bossa Nova rhythms with Mediterranean melodies to Karamel, and we can’t wait!

All welcome - £10 admission
Further info / Book Tickets here

Saturday 7th August at 11.30am
Collage Kids - Usifu (The Cowfoot Prince)

First timer at Collage kids, Usifu Jalloh (the Cowfoot Prince), born in northern Sierra Leone. His storytelling style is informed by his African heritage, yet the themes of his stories draw on international languages, music and dance. He brings to the Karamel stage Sierra Leone tales.

Family friendly and all welcome – Free admission
Please RSVP in advance

Saturday 7th August at 8pm
Unknown to Known

A new quartet offering an intimate dialogue of meandering melodies and textural grooves over harmonic landscapes reminiscent of the eastern world. At times euphoric and often dynamic, this music is always interactive, honest, and raw.

All welcome - £10 admission
Further info / Book Tickets here
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