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Movers & Shakers at Karamel on Thursdays

We are thrilled to announce, Movers and Shakers, vibrant music and movement classes for babies & toddlers is at Karamel this Thursday from 11.30am-12pm.

Their parent-present classes introduce the very young to rhymes, songs and signs. Every child taking part has the chance to sing, play a musical instrument, be amazed by the parachute and get lost in a world of bubbles! Sit with your child as they sing, play, listen and learn. If you would prefer, you are welcome to bring your own instruments.

Movers and Shakers
Karamel London

Movers and Shakers
Thursday 23rd September from 11.30am-12pm at Karamel
This is a MIXED AGES session, for babies and toddlers together
Please find further Info & Booking Details here…
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