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We're hosting a new creative workshop.. UNSCARY POETRY!

the workshop that brings poems back where they belong, to real people..

Join us for UNSCARY POETRY, a 2-day workshop with Ruth Valentine
at Karamel in Wood Green N22, on Wednesday 3 & 10 November.

Reading at 11.30am to1.30pm
Writing at 2pm to 4pm

Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, N22 6UJ

If poetry at school felt like code-breaking (and you didn't know the code)...
If the only poems you read were by dead white men...
Or embarrassing little rhymes about snowdrops...
If you didn't see why some of it was called poetry at all...
If you once tried to write a poem, and got laughed at/patronised/torn apart...
If you heard that IF was the nation's favourite poem, & wondered who this nation was then...

What you need is

the workshop that brings poems back where they belong, to real people.

We'll read some real poems by real live poets (some of them living not far from you). We'll discuss what makes a poem work and why some don't. And that's it. There'll be no wrong answers, only interesting points of view.
You can try writing a poem yourself; but you don't have to. The morning session will be for reading and discussing poems. If you'd like to write as well, you can stay on for the afternoon. We'll look at how to get started on a poem, how to ignore the bit of you that says it's not good enough, and how to make it even better.

Please book a place in advance at eventbrite

Email us on
Call us on 0800 0092 970

The 2-day workshop fee is £40 per person
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