Security Camera

I notice a new one has appeared at the planters at the SGR end of Lorne Road. The location must be considerred a crime risk. It is not that well postioned to monitor the street drugs den either.


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    A security camera is an indispensable guardian, offering peace of mind and deterrence. Its watchful lens ensures a vigilant eye on surroundings, promoting safety. As a modern-day sentinel, a well-placed security camera contributes to a secure environment, fostering confidence in both public and private spaces.
  • A security camera is a symptom of a sick society. Its watchful lens will ensure that citizens will conform, however precarious their plight, promoting obedience.
    As a modern substitute for community policing, serving the local community rather than corporate masters, it contributes to an alienating environment, fostering disassociation and mental anxiety in both public and private spaces.
  • With facial recognition and social credit system to follow.
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