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Tim's Honey - olives - new Jewelery stall this week

edited February 2 in Local discussion
Sunday 4th Feb, 10 - 2:30, Stroud Green School Perth Rd for the listings

Hi there,

Tim and Pete - ie honey and olives - are already quite well known around these parts, and very reassuring it will to have them back on what promises to be a grey & breezy February day (how inspiring that sounds!). Daisy Moon Jewelery, however, is a brand new stall. The lady behind the table is actually called Alina, and I hope you'll go over to have a look as her pieces, both her own and her vintage selection, are of a really fine quality, surely marvelous enough to help you forget about "cost of living" for a few bright & irresponsible hours.

Alina's instagram page is @daisymoon_jewellery.

Oh, you'll also find Spenwood, Heckfield and Wigmore, three of the most delicious Village Maid cheeses that are back this week, at Jonny's Hampstead Cheese Board.

See you on Sunday!

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