Wireless Festival



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  • The organisers have a lot of money and the council is a corrupt shambles probably sums it up.
  • Isn't that a bit harsh? I don't see why a council that has been in almost total control of the borough for the last 40 years could in any way bee seen as corrupt or inept
  • Dear Finsbury Park Event Stakeholder Group The residents’ letter that was distributed by Festival Republic to local households to Finsbury Park, contains incorrect information regarding parking restrictions. The letter wrongly claims that residents’ parking restrictions have been extended, when they have not. Parking restrictions were extended for previous events but following feedback from residents and business that this restriction was disruptive and not required as it stopped visitors and affected people who wished to make use of the local shops, it was decided that there would be no additional restrictions in these areas. This view was fed back by the Finsbury Park Events Stakeholder Group. We have updated the Haringey website to note that there was an error on the residents letter - www.haringey.gov.uk/wireless - and an email will be sent to all those who have pre-registered their interest in events in Finsbury Park. Kind regards, Sarah ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sarah Jones Events and Partnerships Manager - Parks and Leisure Services Commercial and Operations Haringey Council Alexandra House, 6th Floor, 10 Station Road, London N22 7TR 020 8489 5699 07967 969672 sarah.jones@haringey.gov.uk
  • I am glad I am away this weekend
  • You would think that the letter would have been reviewed by the council before distribution !
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  • So what the general verdict on this year's Wireless compared to last year's? Or is there a different thread for that?
  • Did my best to avoid FP during the weekend but getting pretty pissed off by the fact my touch rugby team have had to play an extra 2 weeks (over the 2 weeks for set up) away from FP as the ground was so torn up
  • The park is in a dreadful state still.
  • Have to say that I thought the event was better organised and quieter than in previous years - there are sections of turf that show the effects of lack of sunlight but with the recent rain new grass growth will soon take over.
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