Vagabond for sale



  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    .......assuming that it will go....the business is for sale someone may buy it and basically keep it the same......maybe the members of Stroud Green forum can buy it collectively and also use it as a community hub / propaganda distribution centre...
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I'd be happy with a coffee shop that is the same price as the Boulangerie, but faster/friendlier, and has delicious food like ESB had for takeaway. Too much to ask? Perhaps....
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Yep, it's too small to have a proper kitchen.......
  • They do have the problem of many of that kind of coffee shack - too many single customers hogging tables with laptops. I wonder how many coffees someone who sits using WiFi for two hours drinks?
  • @Papa L i could do that but unfortunately my laptop is not a mac and (OMFG) i tend to use Linux, it would be like that scene from invasion of the body snatchers when people found me out.

    They could just franchise it, with branded merchandise.
  • As said earlier it is likely to have a net profit in excess of £50k per annum which is quite good actually but is probably the max you can get from it with such a small kitchen combined with changes in business rates, BREXIT (owners are from Lithuania if I remember right) and they may want to cash out. Hope it stays as an independent coffee place as it is one of the best in London (Timeout and others agree!).
  • I must live in a parallel universe I can't believe you could make £50,000 PROFIT from selling a few cups of coffee. I have been in the wrong jobs all this time. But then.
  • Costs about 3p in materials to make a £2.50 coffee. I suspect they've slightly inflated turnover on paper to ensure a sale.
  • @HolbornFox there go your dreams of being a coffee millionaire.
  • I notice on the signage that the word Vagabonds seems to have disappeared to be replaced by N4? Has it been sold or is the branding gone before the sale ?
  • Whether you're a hipster or anti-hipster, it serves the best coffee in the area. Darn shame
  • The owners are focusing on coffee roasting - The new owners of the shop will get preferential rates of coffee from them. The shop is not sold yet. They are planning to keep the other shops open though.
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